“Fight Like A Girl And Other Lessons From A Stabbing”

I sat down to share my thoughts on this article and to restate what I have said many times on this blog, but then my daughter came in and asked me if we could cook dinner together and then my son wanted to read a book and then I wanted to sit with my husband and then my teenager needed to be picked up from work and then I thought, what more needs to be added…nothing really.

I urge you to read this post by Lima called Fight Like A Girl And Other Lessons From A stabbing.

I will add one thing. When I began carrying a gun and taking my safety seriously I felt such guilt and shame that I internalized every cliché from every gun blog out there. I changed my shoes, jewelry, clothes, make up, and Code Yellow became my only mission. Much of it was good advice and solid, but not all of it was and not all of it needed to be applied to my life. I felt overwhelmed much of the time and in the process lost much of who I was. That was my issue. I was on a journey (still am) and during that time many of my emotions and choices were made out of fear or not wanting to be afraid or guilt or many things that were not necessarily good decision making tools.

Eventually, I figured out what I could live with and what risks were reasonable for me to take. While I agree with every single word Lima wrote in her post and while some would say I take things to extreme because I do focus seriously on all aspects of defense (hand-to-hand, knife, gun, mindset, medical, fitness) and while I absolutely love my friendly bruise comparing contests with Lima, I also believe this journey is a process and if one is just starting out, I want to say it is OK to take steps. It is OK to say I don’t want to do this or that. It is YOUR defense. The first step is to think. Honestly make conscious choices. You may say I am not going to do such and such and I understand the possible consequences to that, but I am willing to accept those in order to live the quality of life I want to live. Fine, but make the choice, do not stick your head in the sand and hope it all works out for the best.

For example, I rarely carry an extra magazine. I fully understand the risk of that and I believe it is a risk. Guns jam, magazines fail, on and on, but for me and my life, I have, at this point, accepted that. However, I did the research, I tried it, I thought about it, I read, I made a conscious choice, so at the end of the day it was a choice and one I will hopefully be able to live with.

If you do nothing else, read the article and take time to think about the different aspects discussed and then continue to think, read, research, and consider adding a little something more to your plan in at least one area.

PTSD- A Marine’s Story

I think for a lot of people it is hard to explain war and even more so perhaps what it is like to come home from it. Neither Phil or I have spoke much about the year that followed his return from Iraq, but I think it surprised us both how challenging it was.

He was certainly a different person and while he healed fairly quickly he never did return to the same carefree, light-hearted boy he was before.

My husband did not suffer this kind of distress and for us, the major issues were dealt with pretty much in a year or two, but this Marine’s story is powerful.

Extremely well written. I honestly believe it is worth your time to read.

He has a blog.

A New Shooter Update

Our latest Giveaway recipient wrote an update to share with all of you. As I read her post, I realized two things.

1. We picked the right gal!!

2. I need new clothes. I think this is the 3rd picture of me in the last few months in this same outfit.

P.S. I have always known this, but it is much better to give than receive.

I thought it was time for a update from me on how my new found love for guns is going. After winning  this contest I realized I needed to be a worthy winner and do my part to make the most of these wonderful prizes I was given. Each donor gave because they cared about giving forward in something that they feel passionately about. So my personal conviction was to make sure I used each prize to the fullest.I am now a month out since I got to take the two day defensive handgun class donated by Kathy Jackson. The class was invaluable. Over the two days I kept thinking of all the people that I know that have guns and I thought everyone should take this class. I walked away from it feeling more informed and more confident about this new life that I have chosen to embrace.

I was able to meet “A Girl” in person. She came and brought me the prizes I had won. My husband did laugh at me later on when I was so excited to have gotten an extra prize from Old NFO, an ammo box.

I was able to email with one donor who had given a money gram for ammo and a holster belt. The kindness and willingness to help me to learn things that have been so foreign to me is just amazing.

Yesterday I got to meet up with George Lyons at the NRA range in Fairfax, Va. It is an amazing range. George was very patient with me and helped me learn some new things and also jogged my memory on some of the things I had forgotten I learned in Kathy’s class. One thing I realized after working with George is that when I go to the range I NEED to not only work on my shooting skills but practice all the things I have been taught, like drawing my gun, dropping my magazine and reloading. Those skills need to be so natural that I can do them in seconds when seconds count. THANK YOU George!

Six months ago I would’ve never even dreamed that I would be a lady joining a shooting league, “A Girl & A Gun,” going to the range at least twice a month, traveling to take classes, and stopping at every gun shop I see. My life has changed a lot but I know for the better.  I know that my life and my family’s lives are worth protecting. All the fears I personally had about guns have disappeared thanks to “AGirl” and the others who have been so kind to help me learn. Knowledge is power.

photo (10)

A Holster or Two

I am coming out of retirement briefly because I wanted to share with you two new holsters I just received.

Maybe a year or so ago I bought a TDI knife. I wanted a small fixed blade knife that I could carry on body and this knife seemed like it would fit the bill.

It did and I like the knife very much, however the sheath that comes with the knife just didn’t work for me. Not only did the handle stick out way to far for me, the knife constantly came out of the sheath. Several times I would find my knife was not all the way in the sheath and occasionally it would come all the way out. In addition the sheath itself didn’t always stay on my belt. My gun belts are a little thick, so the clip on the TDI knife would often not secure properly. This became such a problem I stopped carrying it all together.

Eventually, I contacted Michael Hast of Michael’s Custom Holsters. I told him exactly what I was looking for in a sheath and what I needed it to be able to do. As you know Michael made my AGirl holster which I wear most days, so I am a big, big fan of his work.

Yesterday the sheath arrived along with a present. He had included a matching holster for my Smith & Wesson Shield!!! The print is Ostrich to match a pair of Ostrich Ariat boots I own.

I have only worn the new holsters for a few hours, but so far they are perfect!!

The knife sheath is canted(is that a word??), so the handle is almost parallel with my belt allowing the handle to lay flat instead of looking like there is something protruding from my abdomen.

Here is my picture of them…



And here is a link to several more on The Holster Site’s Facebook page

It’s Time

I have gone back and forth on this for a while, but it is time for AGirl to step to the back burner.

Nothing is wrong at all. My life is probably the happiest and most peaceful that it has ever been. I am truly bouncing off the walls most day because things are all kind of in place for us, but I have much run out of things to say. I know for someone who has shared so much over the past two years, who would believe that one day she would be quiet…

I intended to just go quietly into the sunset, but two things kept me from doing so.

One- I remember reading on Robb Allen’s page one time that he was annoyed when bloggers just faded away without any explanation or good-bye. Everyone has been so great, that I didn’t want to do that on the off chance someone might care.

The other is that I am not disappearing, but lately I just haven’t had time to read a lot of blogs and I am feeling guilty about that, so I wanted to say, I will for sure be popping in to keeps tab, but probably not as often, so if I miss a birthday, an illness, a death, or other major life event good or bad, please don’t  think it’s that I do not care, because I do. I just am at a point where I have to pay more attention to the 4 people I agreed to parent and try to turn into responsible human beings. They make it pretty easy, but still it’s a lot of work. I am no where near as talented as the rest of you and doing it all just isn’t in my ability.

I spoke with Barron and we are going to keep the blog up. Leaves it open for whatever.

These past 2 years have been a blast. I adore you all and can not thank you enough for all you have given me. I hope that I have been clear on that. I pray that I was able to give a little bit back.

With much love and gratitude, AGirl



People for the love of all that is good and holy if you are at a blogmeet with me and you recognize me, come tell me who you are.

I do not recognize everyone from their blogs, so if I see someone I do, I go up and introduce myself. Jay G is pretty unmistakable, so I walked up to him and introduced myself. Real name and blog name. Not that he wanted to meet me, but I wanted to meet him. I want to meet everyone!

I am just now realizing there were people at Nancy R’s that I spoke to, but didn’t realize who they were. I am both embarrassed and totally heartbroken.

A Raffle!

You know how much I love to help if I can, so today when I read Jennifer’s blog and saw a chance to do so, I got really excited.

Not excited that someone is struggling with health issues and the nasty bills that come with it, but excited that I can do my little part.

I am blessed to have very good health insurance thanks to the hard work of my husband. It is very comforting to have that safety net(even though that man in the White House is doing everything he can to screw it up, but lets not go there)

Health concern are so darn stressful, but not knowing if one can afford to get the care they need adds stress no one needs.

If you can and would like to help go here.