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Nancy R has an annual event called Kid Shoot. She started it last year as a way to introduce kids to shooting. My kids have been shooting quite a bit, but they always love it and I love taking them.

For last year’s event I was working at the range, so I missed it, but TSM took the kids. Of course everyone enjoyed themselves and really wanted to go again this year. My schedule is packed. I am(like most folks) busy, busy, busy. I wasn’t sure we would make it this year, but I did everything I could to make it happen.

I am so glad I did. The kids had a blast shooting and I enjoyed hanging with the cool kids.

I met several folks in person like Jay, Mike W, Alan and his lovely wife from Appleseed, Bubblehead Les, New Jovian Thunderbolt and others.

I am always tickled to get to see Nancy, Old NFO, and Andy(even though that was only about 2 seconds).

The food is never my main focus, but I must say Nancy’s pumpkin dessert is addictive and I do not like sweets or desserts.

My children beamed as they always do when they get trigger time, but I also loved watching all the grown people be giddy. With all the experience that was there, still each person was thrilled and giggly shooting whatever they could get their hands on. Yes, grown men were in fact giggling.

Here are a few pics from the day…(as a side note, we let our kids shoot in a relaxed way. Safety is our main focus and not stressing them out with grip, stance etc, so no need to tell me their form is bad or elbow is up:)

DSC00088 (2) DSC00088

IMG_20130601_160953_204 IMG_20130601_163127_532


8 thoughts on “A Blog Meet

  1. I love this! I’m the same way when I work with kids, safety is the priority. Once they’ve got that down (and they’re a little older), then I start working on technique, but I want it to be a FUN experience for them. And there’s no way they can have fun if the adult is constantly hounding on them for doing something “wrong” (grip, stance, whatever) – the kids are just thrilled to be doing it!

  2. I was glad to meet you and your little troop. Your young-uns were a pleasure to work with and absolutely clear on safety. “E” (I think) was sniping Dum-Dums (the lolli-pops) with our pink CZ by the end of the afternoon. She appears ready for a full Appleseed.

  3. Agreed! And the kids were safe and LISTENED! 🙂 Kudos to you and TSM for the work you’ve put in with them!

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