I Went, I Conquered, I Kicked-Butt

Well, I went, I paid, I got my gear(my class is tomorrow), but I signed a year contract and the only thing stronger than my character is my cheapness, so I will be back tomorrow night for the actual class.

When I arrived no one else was there except C(the owner) and Mike(the finance guy). They said “We never thought we would see you again.”

I said, “Ye of little faith.” I did leave out the whole I was scared out of my mind and it took me 11 days to get my act together part.

Chad said 90% of the people who come in and take a trail class never do not come back. 90%…That seemed like such a high number.

While going over the contract with Mike, C popped in to tell me about the new gun he bought. That I can talk about all day long. Felt much more relaxed after that.

I will keep you updated.

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14 thoughts on “I Went, I Conquered, I Kicked-Butt

  1. Coming in late, as usual . . . *hugandheart* Plus, a swat at the back of your head.

    “You’re my kind of stupid.”

  2. Just remember these words, “no power in the ‘verse can stop me.”

    • I will. I have several “words” I use to remind me of what I already know…lol Your phrase is another good one.

  3. Hey AGirl! Great post. I too, am trying to stop making excuses to mask fear. It is a long road for me, but I take one step at a time to face my fears. Thanks for the post. It has opened my eyes.

  4. What TCA said!

    And, I’m (in)famous for being a procrastinator.
    I was going to join Procrastinators Anonymous, but never got around to it…



  5. Know how you feel….fear sucks, and its such a great feeling when one overcomes it. Good to hear you took that step! You’re in our prayers (and the unlucky sap that they pair up with you for sparring…go easy on the lad, ‘kay? hehehehehehe)!

  6. Good for you! It is never too late. Sure, ya might get burned every now and then, but you keep trying. Life’s too short, eh?

    (side note: after work today, had to stop at the store. It’s 82 today, so after work I took over my (cover) jacket.
    Was halfway thru the grocery store when I realized I was openly carrying my concealed weapon. Oh well, the grocery store isn’t a gun free zone. Maybe the young man who checked me out thought it was ok, he had military looking tats. No one freaked. So I might do it again. I remember you saying you open carry, so I thought “If AGirl can do it, so can I!” (but I’m too old for physical training like you do)

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