A Holster or Two

I am coming out of retirement briefly because I wanted to share with you two new holsters I just received.

Maybe a year or so ago I bought a TDI knife. I wanted a small fixed blade knife that I could carry on body and this knife seemed like it would fit the bill.

It did and I like the knife very much, however the sheath that comes with the knife just didn’t work for me. Not only did the handle stick out way to far for me, the knife constantly came out of the sheath. Several times I would find my knife was not all the way in the sheath and occasionally it would come all the way out. In addition the sheath itself didn’t always stay on my belt. My gun belts are a little thick, so the clip on the TDI knife would often not secure properly. This became such a problem I stopped carrying it all together.

Eventually, I contacted Michael Hast of Michael’s Custom Holsters. I told him exactly what I was looking for in a sheath and what I needed it to be able to do. As you know Michael made my AGirl holster which I wear most days, so I am a big, big fan of his work.

Yesterday the sheath arrived along with a present. He had included a matching holster for my Smith & Wesson Shield!!! The print is Ostrich to match a pair of Ostrich Ariat boots I own.

I have only worn the new holsters for a few hours, but so far they are perfect!!

The knife sheath is canted(is that a word??), so the handle is almost parallel with my belt allowing the handle to lay flat instead of looking like there is something protruding from my abdomen.

Here is my picture of them…



And here is a link to several more on The Holster Site’s Facebook page

8 thoughts on “A Holster or Two

  1. I love this holster and knife sheath there both beautiful. Michael does great work!

  2. Excellent article, although I wish I had found your blog before you went into retirement! Anyway, I’ll be looking forward to reading your next out-of-retirement article.


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