People for the love of all that is good and holy if you are at a blogmeet with me and you recognize me, come tell me who you are.

I do not recognize everyone from their blogs, so if I see someone I do, I go up and introduce myself. Jay G is pretty unmistakable, so I walked up to him and introduced myself. Real name and blog name. Not that he wanted to meet me, but I wanted to meet him. I want to meet everyone!

I am just now realizing there were people at Nancy R’s that I spoke to, but didn’t realize who they were. I am both embarrassed and totally heartbroken.

22 thoughts on “Alright!!

  1. I did that to Weer’d Beard. Chatted with him for a couple of hours and laughed our fool heads off. He didn’t know who he was chatting with until he read about me meeting him on my blog the next day.

    I used my real name and forgot to mention my nom de blog.

    • Well, remember I am still relatively new and I don’t know many people in real space. Help a sista out:)

  2. I know what you mean! Of course, I am the type of person that attempts to meet everyone. Also, don’t be offended when I ask again. I want to be sure I remember and get it right. It would help if I would write things down.
    I swear, we should all get t-shirts with our URLs and handles printed on the front and back.

  3. This happened to a friend of mine years ago. Before blogs. he was at a Sci-Fi convention, and struck up a conversation with a small, bald, little old man. He was charming, witty and very intelligent.
    After an hour or so, they parted company, and he met his other friends. They were aghast – “Do you know who you were speaking with?” “No, some old guy.”
    “That was ROBERT HEINLEIN!”

    You never know…


    • I’ve done that with Dan Coonan and Anne McCaffery (now THERE was a dirty minded old broad. . . her words, and 100% true.)

  4. “pretty unmistakable” – high praise indeed! AGirl, it was a pleasure. And I’m glad to hear that I was NOT one of the ones that just sat on the sidelines… 😉

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