For My Texas Friends

Remember this little guy? Well, we headed to his place again for a birthday party. His parents know how to put on a shindig. It was a Texas Hoedown. Good times.

They are the best people and they have great friends. I love going and catching up with people I only see there and i get to meet new ones every time too. They really enjoy my blog, so yes I did spend much of the time talking guns and self defense, but not my fault. Each time I was introduced, I was announced as A Girl and Her Gun which naturally drew curiosity.

My son’s teacher was there. That is how we all met. O(the little boy) and my daughter A were in the same kindergarten class. Their teacher Mrs. R is beyond phenomenal. A very special connection we share. Something about enduring challenges that connects people. Mrs. R is the one of those people that makes you wish every child was in her class. I spoke of her here and tonight we continued our conversation on personal safety. She has some neat boys, one who is the process of becoming a Marine officer, so we talked about them too and a little about sex.

There was bull riding. This is my son H.Yes, I rode it. Yes, there is video. No, I am not posting it. Although, I did stay on the longest of anyone male or female and at the highest speed.

O leans towards the very enthusiastic side of guns, cops, and all things military. I am looking forward to taking him shooting someday. He is a very cool kid and I love him very much, so we bought him this.

Such a fun day. See ya Monday!


12 thoughts on “For My Texas Friends

  1. I don’t know of Sonny Bono was a Texan (at heart) or not but..

    I always liked this song.


    Ride…I used to jump my horse and ride
    I had a six-gun at my side
    I was so handsome women cried
    And I got shot but I never died

    I could play if I’d do everything he’d say
    Girls seemed to just get in his way
    Those days we weren’t considered fun
    A cowboy’s work is never done

    He’d fight crime all the time, he’d always win
    Till his mom would break it up and call him in
    He was tough, he was hard, but he was fine
    And he was slow ’cause guys like him were hard to find

    Ride…I’d like to ride again someday
    I think I still know how to play
    I play games now but it’s not fun
    A cowboy’s work is never done

  2. I have live in and near San Antonio since I was 13 and I have never ridden one of those. It looks like fun. I might even try it since it looks like when you fall off it wouldn’t hurt too much.

    • Oh my Gish is was fun and much harder than one would think. Really good inner thigh workout. My thighs were tight for hours. I personally like that feeling of muscles after a “work-out”. I did fall off and it didn’t hurt a bit.

  3. Looks like a younger version of a visit to Billy Bob’s! You can always have a fun time in Texas.

  4. “The Mechanical Bull Video”

    Oh yes. This could become the stuff of internet legend.

    Be legendary…post the video.

  5. Broken Andy & MSgt B, I am thinking that video may be saved for a local blogger meet. Maybe one where everyone or maybe just me has had too much to drink.

  6. LOL Looks like a fun time! Oddly enough, I was born in San Antonio, but being an Err Farce brat, we moved a lot and I’ve never had the chance to ride horses, meaty or mechanical.

    Sore, tight thighs…, I’m sooooo not going there!

    • Lol, ya know sometimes I say things with a hint of innuendo on purpose and sometimes I should re-read what I write to make sure it won’t be misinterpreted:)

      • Oh, I know….that’s half the fun, though, going back and re-reading something with a ….different (ie, naughty) mindset. Sometimes, that can change the whole meaning of a post!

        …and is usually good for a laugh, too!

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