Not Very Good Odds

Today I had a meeting with my son’s teachers.  While I was there we got into a discussion on E.  They asked if anything had been going on at home because they had noticed E had kind of lost her pep for a while, but that they had noticed this past week she had been more like her old self.  Light, happy, extremely inquisitive and calm.

I shared with them what had happened and they were shocked, both that it had happened and that neither E nor I, had told them.  They were shocked, but here’s the deal, they shouldn’t have been.

There were 3 of us in the room at this point and immediately after I shared our story one of the teachers gets tears in her eyes and tells me some guy punched her 90 year old father for money.  90.  In broad daylight. 

When she is done telling her story, I look at the other teacher who has tears in her eyes and she tells me a story of a man who  approached her with some bullshit (her word) story about wanting money.  It was dusk and he came around her car, she told him to stop, he did, he asked for money and then took a few more steps forward.  What he didn’t know was that her son was on the other side of the car.  He is a big strapping guy (A Marine now) and he said, “Can I help you?”  The guy said no and left.  He did not say, oh, yes, I am looking for gas money, can you all help me out.  He left.

She said she froze.  She had no idea what to do and if her son hadn’t been there, she would have been toast.

So, 3 out of 3. That is 100%. 100% of the people in that room were victims of a crime, 2 of them violent crimes. It is worth noting that none of us were in a bad neighborhood, at midnight, soliciting drugs or sex.  We were all average people going about their daily business who were attacked or nearly attacked in the same town on different days.

I wondered if teacher number 2 had the same bad guy as me because the stories were so similar, but her guy was young with dark hair, so no. 3 victims. 3 different bad guys.  

I think most people think, it won’t happen to me.  They think, heck, it hasn’t even happened to anyone I know.  Except that it does and it has.

I am close to these two women.  We have been through a lot with my 3 kiddos and we have shared our lives, but none of us told the others what had happened to us. You don’t know when you might find yourself in a sticky situation and you have no idea how many people in your immediate circle of friends already have.

You can take the gamble, you can roll the dice, you can lie to yourself, but know this, it’s a mighty dangerous game your playing.  You might want to think about how to stack the deck in your favor.

14 thoughts on “Not Very Good Odds

  1. It isn’t so much about the odds but what’s at stake.

    I’ll gamble with my chips how I like. No one’s decision but mine.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Like it or not women are the ‘weaker’ sex physically (in general), which makes you better prey. Sam Colt equalized all that many moons ago but back then and until fairly recently, women still relied on their male protectors. While things are vastly different today I fear that women tend to shun the idea of having lethal claws for the most part. It tends to go against the caring nature ya’ll have. I hope that experiences like what you have shared will encourage a lot of women who have yet to have that bad experience to get their claws before they actually have the need.

    Mrs. Groundhog has decided that since a regular job has eluded her for far too long that it’s time to once more head into the fray of business woman. She’s going to make purses for concealed carry. While admittedly not the ideal way to carry, it’s done and the affordable market is untapped. It’s a start. Both she and I want to see ladies get some claws. Every little bit helps.

    • My wife will definitely be interested…however, she’s a Dooney-Bourke or Coach gal. So its gotta be functional….but stylish. Not that I see much of anything to those aforementioned brands that would warrant the high pricetag (for that price, darn things better come with a microwave oven or something!).

  3. Personally, I think you are just seeing the tip of the iceberg. I believe this is happening more than folks are willing to admit, for fear of being seen as ‘foolish’…

  4. Every time you step outside, you roll that rather large pair of dice. Odds are good it’ll come up in your favor. But “odds” aren’t “never”.

  5. Everyone has a story. A “close shave”, a “wrong place at the wrong time incident”, a “I learned my lesson about personal safety” moment.

    I have mine. I don’t discuss it. It is the past, but it taught me a valuable lesson about vulnerability and personal responsibility. I’ve never allowed myself to be in such a situation since.

    3 out of 3? Personally, I can’t say I am surprised.

    • Maura, your right. I understand not wanting to talk about and everyone has the right not to, I respect that. I am sorry for whatever that moment was for you.

  6. My eldest daughter and myself have also been victims of violent crime. She had a very disturbed ex-boyfriend hold a gun to her head. Luckily she was able to talk him out of it and she managed to extricate herself from the situation. When I was a much younger woman, I was raped and held captive for hours. I count my blessings that my daughter and I are alive today. I am now a new gun owner. I don’t ever want to be a victim of violent crime again. Thank you for sharing your life here with all of us. It brings a great sense of fellowship and strength to many who have experienced what we have. It certainly does for me.

    • I am so very sorry for what you went through. I can imagine how awful that was. I am so sorry for your daughter as well. Good for you that you are fighting back and getting trained! Your an inspiration!

      Occasionally I have pause for all that I have shared, but then I read a story like yours and your right, sharing helps in fellowship and strength. The support I have found from others who have been victims and those that help prevent it has been invaluable to me. Thank you for sharing part of your story!

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