It’s Ok to Be Jealous

A week or so ago, Mr. Arete mentioned to my husband that he would be open to teaching me a few things. As I am sure you can imagine, I was extremely excited and spent the next several days nagging, ask my husband when, when, when, WHEN, might this happen. 

Last night Mr. Arete sent me a text and we discussed the kinds of things we might do and other general chit chat.  I knew there was no way on earth he would let me pay him for his time, so being the clever girl that I am, I offered to buy the equipment he ordered. I was told no.  I attempted to tap into my new, tough, bad ass self and insist that he let me to which I was told, “It doesn’t work like that.” 

Of course, it doesn’t. I didn’t think it would, but I had to try. I gave up rather quickly because as much as I want to give back, he doesn’t want it.  He is not the kind of guy to blow smoke, so if he says it, he means it.

Appreciating those around me is important.  Giving and contributing feels good.  I like to be a part of that, but I am learning it is more important to do what the person actually wants instead of what I want.  It is a surprisingly difficult lesson.

Ok, here is the part where you might get jealous: Me and him doing a bit of training to include knife fighting.  I have been a little obsessed about wanting to learn this skill, but it has never worked out.  I am beyond thrilled that he is willing to teach me some moves.  

I think some time after Easter is the plan, so stay tuned. 

18 thoughts on “It’s Ok to Be Jealous

  1. It’s a really important tool to have. Keeping a knife accessible can make the difference when someone gets in too close. It’s also something to have when you can’t carry your gun.

  2. Sorry, I just keep picturing you in a dark alley, telling some punk “what? That’s not a knife. THIS is a knife” and whipping out something that’s about 1/4″ from being classified as a sword. Its an awesome image.

    I’ve always been intrigued by knife throwing, and recently watched an episode of Top Guns (spinoff from Top Shots) where they learned how to throw the Bowie knife, the tomahawk, and an atlatl. Man…now I REALLY want to go set up a target out back!!!

  3. I’ve been immersing myself in the knife-fighting realm over the last 18 months or so, primarily because the thought of knife attacks damn near panicked me (because I had no idea what to do).

    Since working with Tom Sotis and finding some local combative brethren to train with, I have taken the edge off the panic, but facing a knife is still a fearsome thing.

    I will be interested to read your observations after you’ve had some experience with your friend. I have some of my own, but I think I will just stick to one, the main one for me:

    It is not very difficult inflict a lot of damage with a knife, even a little bitty one. It is very difficult to keep a determined opponent from inflicting a lot of damage with a knife.

    I look forward to your after-action report.

  4. Oh, please do learn well! I look forward to your report, but I have been told many times that if someone is intent on attacking you with a knife and you engage them there will be a lot of blood laying around!

  5. Why didn’t you just tell him you wouldn’t train with him then?

    • I don’t know exactly what you mean…are you saying I should have told him unless he let me help, I wouldn’t train?

      I am guess if I said that he would have said ok, nice knowing you, but regardless, I would never talk to him like that. I don’t talk to John like that either.

      He is doing me a favor. I want to train with him. I would never be disrespectful.

    • Yeah, I don’t get that either. You don’t refuse someone’s generosity because they’re too generous unless there are ulterior motives. We’ve all been there where someone wants to help and will not take compensation. Generally, they’re called friends.

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