I was doing my usual blog visits this morning when I was blindsided for the second time in 2 days…Old NFO reports Newbius died on Tuesday.  I am actually shaking while I write this and I am so very sad.

We were not close. I barely new him, but he was unbelievably kind to me.  He took me shooting and he let me shoot and shoot and shoot. When we were done, I tried like crazy to pay, but he had a gigantic smile on his face and say “NO WAY.  “I haven’t had that much fun in a while.”  He gave me tips on how to be more internet savvy as he felt my personal safety could be at risk.  He was funny and sweet and passionate.  I will miss him.

He spoke so lovingly of his family, please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. 

11 thoughts on “Heartbroken

  1. I am sorry. Newbuis wasn’t a frequent poster, but his blog was always a stop. He was a kind man.

    Our community had lost a good soul.

    *hugs Sweetie*

  2. My sympathies, AGirl.

    I didn’t have the chance to interact with him, but know he is a well respected member of the Gun community.

  3. I’ve heard the name, never got a chance to stop by his blog. But from everything I’ve heard, he was truly a man I would have loved to meet, well respected by all who knew him. He’ll be missed.

    Prayin for his family.

  4. I was hoping he and his family could join us for our get-together next week.

    He was such a great guy in every way. He will be so sorely missed.

  5. I did not know the Man, but followed his Blog. I can only imagine what the Family is going through. Thanks for posting your memories of him in “real space”. The only comforting thought I have is this: “Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.” Ecclesiastes 12:7

    Prayers to the Family. And you.

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