Get Out The Candles…Oh, Wait

I was at one of my most favorite places today and followed a link here.  It’s the classic bad guy doesn’t follow the law and has evil intentions, good guys say not today and save the day kind of story. Now, I find this kind of story to be a happy one.  I get all glowy inside when I see the world working as it should. Innocent lives were not allowed to be terrorized by a mad man.  Matt Lauer with his smug little smile and condescending tone didn’t get to sit down and re-traumatize victims with accusing questions. Joe Biden couldn’t claim the gunman looked like his son. I thought to myself, every single person on earth will be happy, happy, happy knowing all is well at the South Side Freewill Baptist Church.

Well, not everyone. Not my good friend Joan and her posse. How sad for them.

There is no one to light a candle for.  There is no lynch mob to be called.  There is no way to twist and turn this into some kind of self promoting lie. There is no blood to dance in.

Bad guy is in jail.  Good guys are alive. Joan would probably pissed off(if she was aware of the story which she probably isn’t).  Sounds like a good day.

9 thoughts on “Get Out The Candles…Oh, Wait

  1. mmmmm….Like you said “atleast the bad guy is in jail”. Still ticks me off though all the hub-baloo over this kid getting killed. Its just getting down right nasty, and is a real powder keg waiting to explode.

  2. Any time the blood-dancers and race-carders are left without a topic to get all tizzy about, is a good day.

  3. There’s two strikes against this story getting a lot of coverage: First, it happened at a church, and it’s OK for bad things to happen to a church, and second, carrying ended a situation where a lot of people could have gotten hurt. Not a story the major media wants to put out there.

  4. Yea its only a few miles from my house. If they had shot him then it would have made the news. About how those crazy church folks going around killing people. But since they didn’t kill him it gets 15 secs on the news.

  5. I live in Minnesota and read Joan’s blog religiously for well over a year. I can thankfully say that it’s been several months since I stopped reading her pathetic, condescending drivel. I had just had enough. (BTW, she also has a partner-in-crime in Minnesota, Heather Martens.)

    I love your blog, and read it as often as I can. Keep it up! As a male who is relatively new to firearms and carrying (3 years owning a gun, a little over a year carrying), I have found a tremendous amount of useful information in your comments and links. It can be tough for a man to admit that he doesn’t know much about such “manly” things as guns, but the truth is, I don’t. I’m learning constantly, and want to keep doing so. Thank you for all you do, and never let the smug “antis” get you down!

  6. I saw that one and was very pleased the good guys made it essentially a non-event. I think Joan will probably put two check marks in her “gun violence” column to fluff her numbers. One for the bad guy and one for the good guys. To them, guns are bad even if they are used for defense.

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