Well Said Honey

My husband and Tiger spent 10 days out in Reno running tests and what not on the MRAP. They seem to have had a good time.

My hubby really enjoyed being back around the Marines. I actually haven’t seen him this excited about his work since he retired. He had no issues retiring, he was more than ready. They wanted him to stay, but he was done and he likes his job and loves his team, but office work lacks a little something when your used to the high paced life of a Devil Dog.

So he is telling me about this and that when he gets himself a little worked up about this guy…

Hubby- He was f*&%ing stupid. I mean F*&%-ing stuuuu-pid. I didn’t even know there were people that thought such f*&%ing stupid shit, let alone actually let that shit come out of their mouth. I am telling you babe, this guy was god damn stupid.

Hubby-Now, I don’t mind stupid people.

I was really glad he qualified that because the 10 minute diatribe kind of threw me off, but anyway, back to him.

Hubby- I don’t mind stupid people. It’s when the stupid think they are smart that I have a problem.

Glad he cleared that up.

As an aside I am 99% sure he wasn’t talking about Tiger.

12 thoughts on “Well Said Honey

  1. *giggle*

    But I wholeheartedly agree – stupid people who think they are smart are the worst (and they tend to have the biggest mouths, too).

    • Obnoxious people are the worst I think. Even if they are smart if they are ridiculous about it, they annoy me:)

  2. ” It’s when the stupid think they are smart that I have a problem.”

    Which is why our whole country has a problem…

  3. My little brother has said quite memorably on occasion: “That (person) is educated far beyond his intelligence.” Pretty sure he was describing a close relative of the source of your husband’s ire.

    Glad to see he’s feeling chipper-dandy. ROFL!

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