Dinner With Friends

Last night we had some friends over for dinner. We have known them for a couple of years as our children went to kindergarten together. We go to their house a couple times a year and they came to ours once or twice. We are close, but still getting to know each other. What each others values are, politics, how we feel about improtant issues, etc.

A few months ago they invited our family out for one of their annual get togethers. My husband was out of town, so it was just me and the kiddos. After things had settled a bit and most of the other people had left, I was sitting and talking to our friends about our current president and my lack of appreciation for his stance on the 2nd Amendment. They agreed with me and we exchanged quips, jabs, the usual banter that takes place among friends. The kids were all running around playing, so they could hear us, but no one was sitting down intently paying attention to what any of us said, which is why I was surprised when they shared this story with us…

A few weeks after the party, their son had a little playmate over for the day. The
little girl had gone into the little boy’s room to look for his nerf guns, but she couldn’t find them. So, finally in frustration she asked the little boy,

“Where are all your guns”

His reply “Obama took’ um”

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  1. LOL Kids. Yeah, mine went running across a crowded playground yesterday evening, announcing at the top of her lungs that “Mommy, I have a POOPY!” Never underestimate the ability of kids to absorb what you say, and to parrot back the most embarrassing parts…usually at full volume.

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