A Smile As Big As The Moon

Tonight my husband and I sat down with our older children and watched a Hallmark movie. Yep, a cheesy, sappy, tear jerking, kind of movie. This movie was about a special ed teacher that wanted to take his kids to space camp.

Being the mother of 3 special needs kiddos that have had their challenges, well, of course this movie appealed to me. It was your typical, predictable, cliche flick and yet, it was full of truth, loaded really.

So, here is a teacher fighting the odds and the system and he eventually takes his kids to the camp. Everything is going great when, wham, a kid with “issues” loses it. The teacher gets ready to chase after him when one of the other kids steps up, puts his hand on the teachers shoulder and says, “No, let us go”. “We don’t need you any more”. The teacher looks to his co-worker and says “They don’t need us anymore.” and she says “Isn’t that the point?”


Of course, they still need them. We always need people, their support, their love, their encouragement, but it changes. It moves from dependence to empowerment to partnership, to friendship.

There were no guns. Nothing blew up. But there was plenty of fight. Only the thing they were fighting for was a place in this world and I couldn’t help but think, isn’t this what I am fighting for? Isn’t this the point? Helping the least of these, be a little more powerful, a little more confident, a little more independent. Isn’t this the whole point? I reach out to others who help me be stronger, so I can be stronger, so I can help others be stronger. Plus they played Kenny Roger’s The Gambler and that alone hooked me.

You all get it, I know, but it’s still worth saying. The fight is so worth fighting.

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