Good News/Bad News

The good news is this weekend starts my life back into guns, knives, and combatives. Plus, I get back to work at FPF Training, I start my EMT training and if there is a god, I will be training with Arete again soon. Which means I will have more things to talk about beside what I feed my family and how much I love them.

Bad news is that I am not sure when I will have time to tell you about any of it.

Friday we leave for Ohio. We return on Monday, our kids start school on Tuesday, Wednesday we have our EMT interview with the fire department folks, Thursday night I work, Saturday is the CPR training, and Sunday I have a swim team board meeting. Then Tuesday & Thursday nights our daughter has Field Hockey games. Monday & Wednesday nights we have EMT training and most every weekend I am either working or doing EMT practicals. Not to mention back to school night for the kids, helping them with homework, laundry, running, feed those pesky children, play dates with their friends, planning the Veteran’s Day Luncheon…Fortunately for me, I have a ton of energy, don’t require much sleep and everything I am doing I love, but blogging may take a back seat for a while. I think it will be a lot more of quick little blurbs on FB and maybe Twitter if I can figure it out, but don’t count on that.

In the meantime do you wanna hear about food, family, friends…yes! Ok, good.

Last night my hubby and I met the boys from his office again. It was, as you know, Monday and there was a preseason game on which is a good excuse for a get together. We did not return to the previous establishment as that place is having a wee-bit of legal trouble. As in they were raided a few nights ago. Cops in riot gear stormed the place, corralled the patrons and proceed to search for all manner of things. The guys thought it best not to return. I will say that when I was there, there was nothing and I mean nothing that screamed seedy joint about to have the long arm of the law rain down it’s authority upon it. There were a handful of folks there all quietly chit chatting and having a beer or two. Most people were in business attire and except for me falling over in my chair(had nothing to do with drinking. I scooted my chair back and the leg got caught on a piece of floor board and over I went) absolutely nothing exciting took place. Regardless, the whole avoid stupid people and places seemed to now apply to that establishment. The boys picked a different restaurant in a completely different part of town.

The place they picked is a national chain and I have been told numerous times it is not gun friendly. I have never been there, but a lot of people have told me there is a great big sign that says “NO WEAPONS.” Can’t be missed. In general I try not to spend my money in places that are not respectful of my rights, but I am not militant about it. If other people want to go there, I will go. I care are more about relationships than I do about giving $10 for some wings to some idiot. Having said that, I had 2 knives(not concealed), some mace and my gun(concealed).

In Virginia it is not against the law to carry your gun into a place, even one that is marked no weapons. The worst thing that could happen is if the management discovered I was carrying my gun and they decided they would like me to leave I would need to do so. If for some insane reason I refused the worst they could charge me with is trespassing which is not a weapons charge and would not affect my CCP in the least. I would never refuse to leave, so no issues.

Here is the deal though…Just out of curiosity I looked up there corporate policy and didn’t find anything specific from them about customers and guns in their place of business and at the place of business I was at, there wasn’t a sign, anywhere. And I looked and looked and looked. Nothing. That is not to say that the company isn’t anti-gun, just that I have not personally experienced it.

Not much else happened except that I am exposed to a lot more things when I hang out with boys than when I hang out with women. There is significantly more bathroom talk. I mostly just listen when that comes up. I learned that if you are a man you probably shouldn’t ask someone to watch the door for you when you go to use the bathroom because if you do the other guys will be brutal about making fun of you. And I discovered I know a more about the porn industry then I thought. I am not sure how I get myself into these conversations, but one of the guys, Tiger, said that Chad Johnson could not make as much money doing porn as he could in football. I disagreed. For some reason Tiger and I often find ourselves on the opposite side of most issues(and it should be noted right or wrong, Arete always takes Tigers side). So, Tiger said, Johnson had a 1 million dollars(just straight salary here) contract and there was not a single porn star that made that much even if you include the sale of other things beside just his/her movies. We had a lively discussion about that for a while and then Arete goggled it. Turns out at least one porn star is worth $30 million. Not Payton Manning money, but Chad Johnson ain’t no Manning and 30 million is not a bad chunk of change.

To summarize…even if a place looks respectable it might not be, so maybe have a plan. When other people even those you trust tell you something, maybe check it out for yourself. If you spend any time with a group of men be prepared to hear the phrase “take a shit” a lot and accept that there will at some point be a conversation about hookers and/ or porn. I really need to get back to work.

Stayed tuned for tomorrow’s riveting blog post on how I made a health version of ham croquettes for my brood to enjoy and my short, but captivating conversation with a man who lights his wallet on fire.




32 thoughts on “Good News/Bad News

  1. Ain’t nothing wrong with a little diversity in your posting material . . . .

    Now I gotta find out which porn star is worth $30 mil . . . .

    Didn’t really want to work yet anyway! 🙂

  2. AGirl for the RECORD I had your back in that argument and backed you up 100% with those things that were talked about.

    Still have your back even if you dont see it.


      • Yep that love is felt. Besides you are all right for a person who hasn’t seen great movies like Tombstone, Full Metal Jacket or Animal House.

  3. On blogging, there’s an app for that for your iPad and your iPhone. I prefer the tactile feedback of a keyboard but the big thing is it works. Just search for WordPress in the app store, it should be free, it was for my Droid.

    As for the “Anti-Gun” store this actually occurs more often than it should sadly. Often someone will get angry because of bad service and start the rumor online they’re anti-gun. Then a bunch of other people will join the choir without validating the original complaint. Since I’m in WA my rule is if I see a Legal Posting I walk off. Here’s the thing, I haven’t seen one in so long I barely remember what it looks like. Every once in awhile I see a “no weapons” sign and I behave just as you did. Most they can do is trespass me if I refuse to leave. My rule is if I’m warned and it’s been verified by people I trust then yup it gets the ax, otherwise I’ll remain more alert for warnings, if I don’t see a posting, I’ll talk to management before leaving. If it is clear, I will post stating that the ban on “X” is false, they do allow carry and there was neither a posting nor a statement from management stating carry is disallowed.

    I did encounter an odd grey area recently I wasn’t going to try and push. I do need to blog about it. Lets just say restaurant carry is legal in WA but bar carry is not. The establishment has a bar inside separate from the dining, but they posted at the front door. Yeah, I walked off, someone tried to rationalize it as serving liquor, and I said, “Watch where I go, they’re not posted like you are, and have a bar tied to the restaurant and serve liquor.” I went two doors down to a Mexican Restaurant and my mom had herself a Margarita. As we were waiting to be seated I said, “Oh look there’s the bar, and the posting for the bar, not on the front door covering the whole damn establishment.”

    I think technically I would have actually been OK, but it wasn’t worth it. Especially since that posting would do nothing but turn away other honest people.

    • Ohhh, thanks for the info on the app.

      Yeah, Virginia is pretty good. It is legal to carry a gun OC/CC into a place that serves alcohol even a bar. A person CC can not consume alcohol, but a person OC is not breaking any laws. Again, not really a good idea, but I am just stating the laws.

      It’s nice to be able to go to say Red Robin(E’s favorite) and have an iced tea, but not have to disarm just because they have a bar section there.

  4. *Still laughing* About that falling thing – if that’s your story, you stick with it. Porn isn’t an easy industry, according to a former star who frequents my gym. He did allow that it is lots easier than pro football, however. Still, $30MM? Helluva career! Not bad to be a $1MM Johnson, either. Now about those pesky taxes . . .

    I find your teaser about tomorrow’s blogging strangely compelling. : — )

    • Hahahah, that really is the story goofy, embarrassing as it was. Being wasted would have made it a little humiliating I think:)

      Last night the boys did tell me we were in a classier joint and I should behave accordingly. Not sure I will live that down anytime soon.

  5. Mmmmmmm….food blog…..I’m hungry, ya know! Now I gotta slog my way through a couple of turkey-n-cheese sammiches (please don’t tell Mrs.Alien exactly HOW MANY turkeys went into each sammich) whilst thinking about ham croquettes. Not, however, gonna set my wallet on fire. its empty, as usual, but. still….

  6. Well, when you come down to Texas we’ll make sure and not take you to any anti-gun places. The BBQ joint I told you about in Granbury is BIG-TIME pro gun. It’ll be a great Cessna adventure.

    Your permit is good as gold down here, so no worries.


  7. In Texas the guys talk a lot about farting too. Does that happen in your neck of the woods or is it just a Texas thing? Just wondering.

  8. Can’t wait to hear more about your EMT course, in particular. That’s something I’ve thought about doing, just to have the skills. Particularly since I didn’t feel like my “Basic FIrst Aid & CPR” certificate really prepared me for the one time I actually had to DO CPR on someone. But that’s another story.

    • Sorry, sorry. From now on I’ll keep it on the downlow. P.S. my daughter is laughing at me for typing downlow.

      Edit…meant husband. My daughter had just walked through door after vacation with her friends. I was distracted and typed daughter.

  9. Ah, the joys of life well lived! We’ll be keeping a good thought for you on Wednesday. Knock ’em dead. Well, not literally. Maybe just wing ’em a bit 🙂

  10. When you get pressed for time, you can simply post a stupid picture or video.

    All the cool kids are doing it.

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