Monday, Monday…

I have been insanely wonderfully busy. Nothing noteworthy to speak of really just getting the kids ready for school and my daughter ready for Field hockey. M did not make the volleyball team, but the Field Hockey coach saw M trying-out and begged her to come try out for her team. The coach was might impressed and offered her a spot. Naturally, I have been trying to learn as much as possible about the sport.

Plus, I have reading and studying to get ready for the EMT classes, playing with the kids, trying to get ready for our trip to Ohio, and sneaking in a little preseason football watching.

I have been doing a lot of cooking as well. A mix of very healthy fresh summer meals and some very unhealthy gluttonous ones. This is an arugula, watermelon and yellow cherry tomato, feta salad with an orange vinaigrette.

This is a healthy version of risotto. I made it with wild mushrooms, white & green asparagus and roasted chicken thighs.

100% unhealthy. I had some left over pork shoulder, so I made homemade tortilla chips and covered those with the pork shoulder and 2 kinds of cheese(mozzarella & jack), then sprinkled with purple onion, tomatoes, & avocado. The final touch was taco sauce(not salsa) and Honduran sour cream…seriously to die for. Not only was this not good for our bodies, but we ate them at midnight with beer.

It was a late night anniversary treat. Well it was one of our late night treats. As of today I have been married to the same man for 22 years 2 days. Lucky me. Most of you already know how I feel about him and if you followed my crazy journey for the past 16 months, then you know what a remarkable man he is, so I will skip all the mushy stuff and just say, I am blessed. Very, very blessed.

I am wayyyyy behind on my blog reading, but this morning I had a few minutes to catch up on my favs. Anyone who has had read Brigid’s posts knows they are always brilliant. I rarely comment because saying “This is brilliant” gets old, but I do link her a lot because, well, she is brilliant…

“Actually I’m not, a feminist that is. Not in the sense of the word usually associated with it. I’m not going to burn my bra (except for that one that makes me look like I’m expecting an assassination attempt) and I’m not going to walk dutifully 10 feet behind my husband with my head covered. I’m a contradiction in stereotypes, a modern woman who can shoot, hunt, manage a team of a couple dozen or so ex special forces types, fix most things and survive on my own. But I’m also someone who still wants a strong rugged man to kill that spider, and understand that sometimes I can’t do it all and am going to come home after slaying the dragon, go to my room and cry like a girl. I want someone who can  read that 130 page technical report I wrote, ask me about the thoughts that went into it, then bend me like Gumby and make me forget what day it is”.

Go read the whole thing.

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  1. What a great article!!! I cannot understand the idea that a man should be the head of the house. The way I see it, marriage is not a 50/50 thing. It is a 100/100% thing. Each partner has thier own special skills to bring to the table. Personally, I would rather have a wife that is at home in jeans and a flannel shirt than one that is all dressed up and looks lile a model for some fashion magazine. That’s just me….not saying those that are fashion divas are not ok. Different strokes for different folks. My wife loved to shoot. give her a rifle and anyone that tried to do her wrong would wind up on the wrong side of the sod. There is nothing worng with a male learning how to sew. Just like there is nothing wrong with a woman learning how to do a oil change or a tune up. Honoring one’s parrents….nothing wrong with that…..except honor is earned. Same with respect. IF one’s parents are the kind that don’t fill that bill…..then I see nothing wrong with leaving them where they are and going out on one’s own. Ok…..I will got off my soap box now…..:-)

  2. Great article – thanks for linking to it! (I’ve actually clipped it to Evernote for future reference). And congrats on your anniversary!

    And those photos…makes me want to invite myself over to your house for dinner! Yummmmm!

      • Don’t know when (wading through chaos right now, about which more later and privately), but count on my taking you up on that offer sometime. 🙂 I have relatives and an old friend not too far from you that I’d like to get out to visit.

  3. Great post!
    Um, now you really made me hungry. I love salads, risotto and omg pork!!!!!! Where was our invite???? LOL…..Have a beautiful day!

  4. “and understand that sometimes I can’t do it all”.

    No one CAN do it all. That is why a marriage between a man and a woman divides responsibilities. But it’s up to the couple to decide what responsibilities get divided and what responsibilities get SHARED.

    And to me defending the family is a shared responsibility.

    If you go look at real history you will see the only women who sat back at home were those of RICH families. “Leave it to Beaver” was the stereotype family but they had lots of money. Few families really had that.

    The term ‘feminist’ can mean so many things.

    Equal pay? Heck yes!!! For EQUAL WORK. A department manager is a department manager, a cook a cook, a nurse a nurse, male or female. Equal pay!

    Equal pay for ‘comparable work’? Who decides what is ‘comparable’ kemosabe?

    Ban the bra? Well it’s ok with me but don’t be shocked if I kind of stare a bit.

    I also believe if you can hack the job, then you can do the job. Not many women can do very hard labor, but if they can and want to, then that is fine. But don’t go demanding they are given the job and the job description has to be altered. BTW, lots of women are pretty smart and can do some intellectual jobs BETTER than men (on the average.) This fact seems to scare Muslims.

    But alot of the ‘feminist’ stuff to day is male hate. And that is sad for they complement each other and without both… there really is no life.

  5. Stud and I have a fantastic relationship. It’s common-place to see him washing the dishes, dusting the furniture, while I walk through the house carrying my tool box.

    It’s not something you’d want the neighbors to see, but we’ve learned to work in tandem, doing those things that the other one hates to do.

    Emotionally, we have each other’s backs in any situation.

    In my youth, I said I wanted a man who would stand beside me whether I was right or wrong. In my 50’s, I found him. In my 60’s, I adore him.

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