Quick Notes

First let me say thank you to all of you who have been reading this blog.  It was never my intention to try to be a blog that lots of people read, but I am really enjoying getting the feedback and seeing the numbers grow.

Secondly, let me say how gosh darn excited I am by the emails I have received on my Seven Day Carry idea.  I love that you all want to see it and that you don’t want me to wait until Monday to start.  The reason I picked Monday to start is that my 4th of July weekend is nuts.  I will probably take pics and record my activities, but I don’t think I will have the time or energy to post.  I normally write my posts at night after my kiddos are asleep and then I post later, usually in the morning before I head off for my day, but this weekend does not allow much down time.

Thirdly, I want to let you know that, That Texas Lady is having a holster give away on her blog and another give away on her FaceBook Page. So, go like her page and check out her blog.

Lastly, I want to encourage all of you who might be new to the gun world to find places in your area that you can network and grow with people who know what the heck they are doing.  The NRA is a good place to start, but I also look locally.  I belong to a regional shooting club for woman(I have not been to any actual events, but I have benefited from the conversation and socializing online with the woman). I also joined a state organization that advocates, strongly, for the gun rights of the fine folks of this state and keeps it’s members abreast of all the issues that impact gun owners. Find one in your state and get involved.   Also, if you are brand spakin’ new like me, get some training and then more training.  I am hoping to go to an advanced course in July. 

Again, thanks for stopping by.  You have given me a great joy!

Decided to carry at the swim meet. In a neighborhood I don’t know and my husband is not coming until later. Lots of little kids, so I am wearing a black cover vest. 102 degrees with no shade! Toasty.

Seven Days Of Conceal Carry

Starting next Monday I am going to post for 7 days what I wore that day. I will also include what the temperature was that day, what holster I used, gun I carried and what I did that day.

Here is a preview…

This is me in that ever popular black shirt getting ready to head out for my day.  It is a beautiful day here. Sunny, 81 degrees with only 61% humidity.  No chance of rain!

I am carrying my Ruger LCP in a Crossbreed Micro Clip.  Personally, I am not a huge fan of this holster.  It only has one clip, which at first I thought I would love, but on me, it doesn’t work that well..  Having only one clip makes it more concealable, but it also slips down my pants sometimes.  These particular shorts are too big for me, especially in the rear.  You will see that in the next pic.

As you can see, my pants are a little saggy because I have upped my summer workout routine and it is working, so my hips have shrunk a bit.  You can also see a tiny bulge and the clip sticking out.  I re-shot the picture so the clip didn’t show, but then I realized that isn’t very realistic.  Unless I am standing perfectly still for a photo shoot, the shirt moves and without a cover garment, this is most likely how I look while concealing this gun in this holster with these clothes.

I left the house with the gun loaded and chambered inside the holster inside my car safe.  The safe was open on my seat next to me.  I drove to my kids swim team practice, locked the safe and put it with the gun inside my glove compartment and locked that.

After practice, I put the holster and gun on and went to Ta*get for supplies.  I did not wear a cover garment and was not overly conscious about “hiding” the gun.  I kept it covered up, but I did a lot of bending and lifting, so chances are most of the time it looked like the above picture.

I came home, put away groceries made lunch and am still wearing my gun.

Tonight I will head with my man and 2 of my children to their swim meet and have not decided yet what our carry configuration will be.

More to come…

Picture Day

I know this is suppose to be “Whatcha Wanna Know Wednesday”, but the post I am working on isn’t quite ready, so I decided to post a few pictures.

If I am able to get the the other post done, I will put it up later today otherwise, I will save it for next week.

My friend posted some pictures of her boys with their guns on her FaceBook.  I made a comment that I loved the picture, but wanted to see” Her Girl  and Her Gun”.  This is the picture she took for me.  LOVE IT!!

Last night our oldest son came over for dinner and we discussed the early events of my day to include when my husband broke back it our house.  He thought it would help my mind set if he gave me a “tattoo”, so he drew this on my chest.  I don’t want you all to think that this black shirt is the only one that I own, which is why I am not going to tell you that I am also wearing it as I type.

This is our daughter’s birthday present.  She turns 8 next month and wants a pink gun.  It is a Thompson.  It doesn’t have the bolt action which I wanted, but it is a nice little gun and I think she is going to have a blast with it.

This is a sign I bought for the Veteran’s Day lunch I chair at the girl’s school and I have decided to display it in our yard every military/patriotic holiday…Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th Of July etc

This is my man and our soon to be 8 year old daughter at the Veteran’s Day luncheon.

Our Family at The White House.  I was not carrying:)  It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep my identity hidden and I do not have the time or energy to keep it up. The main reason I wanted to keep my name and pic on the down low was because of fear.  That ever present word in my life.  As I try to combat that being that lives inside of me, I take baby steps forward to confront the things that keep me awake at night or the things that keep me from doing what it is that I want or the things that in some way control my life or take away from it.  Some fear is good.  It is a warning and should not be ignored, but some fear, most fear, is limiting and exhausting, it is this demon I chose to try to eliminate.  So, there I am for all 300 of you to see.

Life Is Testing Me


This morning my husband left the house with our 13 year old daughter as he always does.  I locked the door behind him and turned our alarm on to “No Entry” as I always do.  I grabbed my gun, rounded up the 3 little ones and headed upstairs.

I put the kiddos on our bed, turned on some Pink Panther to keep them occupied while I got ready for the day and went into the a joining bathroom.

When I am home alone with the kids I like to take a bath as opposed to a shower because that way I can see them and be sure they are in fact doing what I told them to do.  Honestly my kids are very well behaved and do what I say, but they are kids and why risk it.

Also, when I am home alone I like my gun to be loaded and on me.  Can’t really do that when I am in the shower and I don’t want 3 young kids steps away from a loaded gun while I am behind a stream piece of glass. This way I can have my gun in the condition I like it right next to me and still not be accessible to my little ones. Safety, safety, safety.

My routine is pretty much the same every weekday morning.  I run the bath water, brush my teeth, bathe.

This morning I had just finished my teeth and was getting ready to get inot the bath when I head a voice that sounded like my husband’s.

I didn’t panic because I knew he was gone and the alarm hadn’t gone off.  I assumed it was just the television, but I decided to go out into the hall to check it out just to be sure.

When I did, I heard what was indeed my husband calling me from down stairs.

He had forgotten his phone, so he came back to get it.  When he entered our home, the alarm went off, soooo not wanting to get shot by me, he stayed down stairs and called for me to identify himself.

Problem number one is that apparently from my bathroom with running water, I can not hear the alarm.  I will be contacting the alarm company today to rectify that.

Problem number two is that I suspected there might be an issue, but did not grab my gun or a towel.  In short, I went into my hall way to assess the situation in the buff without a weapon.

You know how they say, you will never know how you will react until you are in the situation?

Well, evidently, I react like I am in a B-rated horror movie.  All that was missing was a pair of heels, some blood curdling screams and eerie music.

Yeah, I am failing.


If you are new to guns or have been around guns for a long time I think you will love the articles on Guns.com

What I love about the site is that it has all the regular kind of things you would expect a gun site to have like reviews of different models of weapons and updates on the latest gun laws, but it also has articles about the history of guns and gun fighters as well as a forum section to ask questions or to just chit chat with people about all things guns.

Here are a few articles that piqued my interest:

Ithaca Model 37 ladies Stock

The Walther PPK Carried By Bond and Hitler

The Greatest Gun Fights You Never Heard

Oh and they have giveaways, This one only has a few days left, there is still time.

Go check it out.

A Glock Guy, His Girl and Se Ju

If you have been reading my blog then you are aware that very early on in my gun life, I went to a local gun show and while there, I met a guy who specializes in Glocks.  You also know that I ripped him off and from there, we began a very special friendship.

This past Saturday he and his lovely bride came to our house for dinner.  We had a great time.  We talked about family, food, careers, our shared dreams of moving to the same state and, of course, guns.

I pride myself on my cooking skills and on my ability to spoil folks and make them feel special.  I love to plan and try to make food that the people coming over will truly love.  I was extremely excited because My Glock Guy said that he and his bride were kind of foodies.  I love that!!

I wanted to make one of my original creations to wow them, but since I was also volunteering at the gun that morning and afternoon, I decided to put pride aside and make something less extravagant.

My choice…to start, homemade guacamole and salsa.  Cooper cheese, a nice salami, assorted crackers,and bacon wrapped shrimp.  The main course: smoked bbq pork and beef ribs with my world famous homemade bbq sauce, fresh local sweet corn, my world famous salad with homemade dressing and some yummy Kiren beer, which is famous, but not homemade.

Now, I know this meal is not original or all that creative, but we are kind of known for our ribs.  People often leave our house raving about how they do not really like ribs, but ours are so delic and my sauce is known and loved by folks in counties all around us.  I thought this was a safe bet. Food that was easy to make while I had other commitments, but also pretty darn tasty.

It turns out, I should have tried to rip off the rib guy at the gun show(there wasn’t a rib guy at the gun show), because my ribs were awful!

Our grill freaked out and flamed up like crazy.  We are not novice grillers and by we, I mean, my man.  He can seriously grill some amazing grub and, of course, he has had flare ups from time to time, but this grill went rouge and burnt the wholly molly out of these beautiful babies.  We thought we might be able to salvage them and finish them in the oven.  Not so much.

I do think that might have been possible, but we talked and talked and talked and by we, I mean, My Glock Guy and My man.

The ribs were pretty much jerky by dinner time and not even good jerky, which you all know I love. It was like carbon jerky, which is quite a feat in itself as most carbon, just kind of falls apart.  Not this stuff.  This bone of black could be chewed on for a good while.

Fortunately, I thought ahead and decided to make the shrimp more of a scampi side dish as opposed to an appetizer and that way people could just skip the ribs and enjoy the seafood…NOT!

My shrimp sat in a bowl with saran wrap over them to keep them to keep them warm.  Except that that an hour later they were not so much warm and freezing cold, which turned them into nice rubber chew toys.  My French Britney, Finn, would have found them to be quite a treat.

My Glock Guy is not only an amazing Glock Guy and very sweet, he and His Girl are also very gracious. Thankfully, they  brought Se Ju.

We had never had this particular libation before, but found it to be a lovely refreshment!  My man, who rarely drinks, particularly enjoyed it.

Other than very bad food and might tasty alcohol, I learned that my night sites are not right for my gun.

About 3 weeks after I had my gun I went into a large outdoor super store to buy a holster. While there, the very nice gentleman who offered to help me told me I should get some night sites.  He handed me some sites and me, without asking a single question, bought them.

It turns out that while he was indeed a very nice guy, he was not all that helpful.  This was not the only piece of erroneous gear he sold me.  The holster he suggested sits in my gear box, unused.  I wrote about this fine, over 60 gentleman in my post Guns, Holsters, Conceal Carry.  He is my “fifth” point.

I learned from my Glock Guy is that my sites are way too long for my rather small Glock.  It turns out that my grip might not be the only issue as to why my shooting has tanked as of late.

Let me say, I am not using my sites as an excuse for my substandard skills.  My man shot my gun with those sites and did just fine, but I am not there yet.  I can use all the help I can get and if different sites can help me compensate for my lack of skills until I am able to compensate myself for substandard equipment, then I am all for it.

What the night taught me…#1 I love my Glock Guy. #2 I love His Girl.  #3 My shooting is not the only thing that has tanked recently. #4 I need new sites. #5 A large outdoor super store might not be the best place for a novice shooter to get her “expert” advice. #6 I love guns. #7 Rib jerky stinks .#8 Rubber shrimp stinks.  To be fair, I already knew #6, #7, & #8. #9 My guy is even more smokin’ hot after a shot or two of Se Ju.