Picture Day

I know this is suppose to be “Whatcha Wanna Know Wednesday”, but the post I am working on isn’t quite ready, so I decided to post a few pictures.

If I am able to get the the other post done, I will put it up later today otherwise, I will save it for next week.

My friend posted some pictures of her boys with their guns on her FaceBook.  I made a comment that I loved the picture, but wanted to see” Her Girl  and Her Gun”.  This is the picture she took for me.  LOVE IT!!

Last night our oldest son came over for dinner and we discussed the early events of my day to include when my husband broke back it our house.  He thought it would help my mind set if he gave me a “tattoo”, so he drew this on my chest.  I don’t want you all to think that this black shirt is the only one that I own, which is why I am not going to tell you that I am also wearing it as I type.

This is our daughter’s birthday present.  She turns 8 next month and wants a pink gun.  It is a Thompson.  It doesn’t have the bolt action which I wanted, but it is a nice little gun and I think she is going to have a blast with it.

This is a sign I bought for the Veteran’s Day lunch I chair at the girl’s school and I have decided to display it in our yard every military/patriotic holiday…Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th Of July etc

This is my man and our soon to be 8 year old daughter at the Veteran’s Day luncheon.

Our Family at The White House.  I was not carrying:)  It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep my identity hidden and I do not have the time or energy to keep it up. The main reason I wanted to keep my name and pic on the down low was because of fear.  That ever present word in my life.  As I try to combat that being that lives inside of me, I take baby steps forward to confront the things that keep me awake at night or the things that keep me from doing what it is that I want or the things that in some way control my life or take away from it.  Some fear is good.  It is a warning and should not be ignored, but some fear, most fear, is limiting and exhausting, it is this demon I chose to try to eliminate.  So, there I am for all 300 of you to see.

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