Life Is Testing Me


This morning my husband left the house with our 13 year old daughter as he always does.  I locked the door behind him and turned our alarm on to “No Entry” as I always do.  I grabbed my gun, rounded up the 3 little ones and headed upstairs.

I put the kiddos on our bed, turned on some Pink Panther to keep them occupied while I got ready for the day and went into the a joining bathroom.

When I am home alone with the kids I like to take a bath as opposed to a shower because that way I can see them and be sure they are in fact doing what I told them to do.  Honestly my kids are very well behaved and do what I say, but they are kids and why risk it.

Also, when I am home alone I like my gun to be loaded and on me.  Can’t really do that when I am in the shower and I don’t want 3 young kids steps away from a loaded gun while I am behind a stream piece of glass. This way I can have my gun in the condition I like it right next to me and still not be accessible to my little ones. Safety, safety, safety.

My routine is pretty much the same every weekday morning.  I run the bath water, brush my teeth, bathe.

This morning I had just finished my teeth and was getting ready to get inot the bath when I head a voice that sounded like my husband’s.

I didn’t panic because I knew he was gone and the alarm hadn’t gone off.  I assumed it was just the television, but I decided to go out into the hall to check it out just to be sure.

When I did, I heard what was indeed my husband calling me from down stairs.

He had forgotten his phone, so he came back to get it.  When he entered our home, the alarm went off, soooo not wanting to get shot by me, he stayed down stairs and called for me to identify himself.

Problem number one is that apparently from my bathroom with running water, I can not hear the alarm.  I will be contacting the alarm company today to rectify that.

Problem number two is that I suspected there might be an issue, but did not grab my gun or a towel.  In short, I went into my hall way to assess the situation in the buff without a weapon.

You know how they say, you will never know how you will react until you are in the situation?

Well, evidently, I react like I am in a B-rated horror movie.  All that was missing was a pair of heels, some blood curdling screams and eerie music.

Yeah, I am failing.

6 thoughts on “Life Is Testing Me

  1. I’m by no means an expert, but I don’t see this as a failure. IMO for it to be a failure it wouldn’t have been your husband and you wouldn’t have been able to write the blog entry. It’s more like you were given a lesson. In this instance some of the things you learned are:
    -not to trust your alarm 100%
    -perhaps you need a bathrobe with pockets to keep at hand, with glock in pocket, so you can grab and go clothed and armed
    -your younger children do not come get you if they hear the alarm (if they were awake, heard the alarm, and haven’t been trained to do something else)
    -your husband thinks you’re deadly. Always a good thing!

  2. You are both right. Thank you for your kind words!

    Lessons were most certainly learned!

    I was surprised that my children did not tell me that the alarm went off. When I asked my nearly 8 year old why she didn’t come get me, she said it was because I told them not to leave the room they are in when the alarm goes off. Good point! So, we discussed what to do next time and we practiced.

    I also think that since it was my husband and he knows the code, the alarm only went off for a second and then he started to call upstairs identifying himself. They probably heard his voice and tuned the rest out in favor of the latest antics of the Pink Panther.

    Good idea on the robe. Something to think about.

    Not all was lost. My husband says any chance he gets to see me in the buff is indeed not a failure.

  3. See, now, I’m wearing drawstring shorts today (it’s 91-ish here in sunny coastal SC) and my XD9 was causing them to sag so I put it on the counter while making lunch, then just got up and walked away, leaving my 8 yo son alone with it. I turned right around and picked it up but still. I made sure I had my cell, but walked away from the gun. I need to reprogram my brain, obviously.

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