A Glock Guy, His Girl and Se Ju

If you have been reading my blog then you are aware that very early on in my gun life, I went to a local gun show and while there, I met a guy who specializes in Glocks.  You also know that I ripped him off and from there, we began a very special friendship.

This past Saturday he and his lovely bride came to our house for dinner.  We had a great time.  We talked about family, food, careers, our shared dreams of moving to the same state and, of course, guns.

I pride myself on my cooking skills and on my ability to spoil folks and make them feel special.  I love to plan and try to make food that the people coming over will truly love.  I was extremely excited because My Glock Guy said that he and his bride were kind of foodies.  I love that!!

I wanted to make one of my original creations to wow them, but since I was also volunteering at the gun that morning and afternoon, I decided to put pride aside and make something less extravagant.

My choice…to start, homemade guacamole and salsa.  Cooper cheese, a nice salami, assorted crackers,and bacon wrapped shrimp.  The main course: smoked bbq pork and beef ribs with my world famous homemade bbq sauce, fresh local sweet corn, my world famous salad with homemade dressing and some yummy Kiren beer, which is famous, but not homemade.

Now, I know this meal is not original or all that creative, but we are kind of known for our ribs.  People often leave our house raving about how they do not really like ribs, but ours are so delic and my sauce is known and loved by folks in counties all around us.  I thought this was a safe bet. Food that was easy to make while I had other commitments, but also pretty darn tasty.

It turns out, I should have tried to rip off the rib guy at the gun show(there wasn’t a rib guy at the gun show), because my ribs were awful!

Our grill freaked out and flamed up like crazy.  We are not novice grillers and by we, I mean, my man.  He can seriously grill some amazing grub and, of course, he has had flare ups from time to time, but this grill went rouge and burnt the wholly molly out of these beautiful babies.  We thought we might be able to salvage them and finish them in the oven.  Not so much.

I do think that might have been possible, but we talked and talked and talked and by we, I mean, My Glock Guy and My man.

The ribs were pretty much jerky by dinner time and not even good jerky, which you all know I love. It was like carbon jerky, which is quite a feat in itself as most carbon, just kind of falls apart.  Not this stuff.  This bone of black could be chewed on for a good while.

Fortunately, I thought ahead and decided to make the shrimp more of a scampi side dish as opposed to an appetizer and that way people could just skip the ribs and enjoy the seafood…NOT!

My shrimp sat in a bowl with saran wrap over them to keep them to keep them warm.  Except that that an hour later they were not so much warm and freezing cold, which turned them into nice rubber chew toys.  My French Britney, Finn, would have found them to be quite a treat.

My Glock Guy is not only an amazing Glock Guy and very sweet, he and His Girl are also very gracious. Thankfully, they  brought Se Ju.

We had never had this particular libation before, but found it to be a lovely refreshment!  My man, who rarely drinks, particularly enjoyed it.

Other than very bad food and might tasty alcohol, I learned that my night sites are not right for my gun.

About 3 weeks after I had my gun I went into a large outdoor super store to buy a holster. While there, the very nice gentleman who offered to help me told me I should get some night sites.  He handed me some sites and me, without asking a single question, bought them.

It turns out that while he was indeed a very nice guy, he was not all that helpful.  This was not the only piece of erroneous gear he sold me.  The holster he suggested sits in my gear box, unused.  I wrote about this fine, over 60 gentleman in my post Guns, Holsters, Conceal Carry.  He is my “fifth” point.

I learned from my Glock Guy is that my sites are way too long for my rather small Glock.  It turns out that my grip might not be the only issue as to why my shooting has tanked as of late.

Let me say, I am not using my sites as an excuse for my substandard skills.  My man shot my gun with those sites and did just fine, but I am not there yet.  I can use all the help I can get and if different sites can help me compensate for my lack of skills until I am able to compensate myself for substandard equipment, then I am all for it.

What the night taught me…#1 I love my Glock Guy. #2 I love His Girl.  #3 My shooting is not the only thing that has tanked recently. #4 I need new sites. #5 A large outdoor super store might not be the best place for a novice shooter to get her “expert” advice. #6 I love guns. #7 Rib jerky stinks .#8 Rubber shrimp stinks.  To be fair, I already knew #6, #7, & #8. #9 My guy is even more smokin’ hot after a shot or two of Se Ju.

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  1. This sounds strikingly familiar to a recent life altering event that took place I my life! I feel like I’m “there” as I read this post…..except I don’t remember the shrimp being that bad. All I can say in the way of the food is that….the company you keep should always be the star of the meal. The Lord blessed us as we sat together in fellowship…an experience I cherish and wont soon forget. Xoxo
    oh if you get a chance give the kids a hug from their future Glock Guy, please.

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