Moved To a New Server…

Assuming this goes off as planned and you’re seeing this you should be looking at the new server.  If you see anything out of place let A Girl know or drop a comment in this thread.

The service issues that have been occurring over the past week should be no more.


6 thoughts on “Moved To a New Server…

  1. McAfee anti-virus flagged your site as risky, that’s never happened before when I’ve clicked the bookmark for your blog. The site loaded fine, but a window popped up showing a risky connection.

    • Not sure what’s going on there.

      McAfee has this site listed as green under their site advisor.

      If you are trying to connect using SSL you will have problems as well. There are no signed certificates because honestly there’s no real reason to for this site.

      I’ll keep my eyes peeled for more info but I’m not sure why that would have happened.

    • Mayhap it’s google doing its little bit to dis-encourage people from reading gun blogs, although I sometimes get redirected to advertisments when trying to view some of the more ‘radical’ gunnies.

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