Sad and Thankful

So heartbroken and disgusted by the events in Boston today  Beyond thankful that the bloggers I know are safe as are their families.

Thought and prayers for everyone!!!



The world can be an ugly place…Be safe!!

6 thoughts on “Sad and Thankful

  1. Sending thoughts from my heart and prayers to all the runners, families, tourists and guests in Boston.

  2. Posted in many places about this already…still prayin for those involved, and hope that they catch the douchebags responsible and unleash the most depraved Gitmo interrogators upon said douchebag(s). Not necessarily for answers…just for recompense.

  3. The state has to hold itself to a higher standard than terrorist scum. “Justice” is an elusive concept, and seeking revenge, while it may seem satisfying at the moment, will not help us in the long term. What we can do, is take steps to reduce the likelihood of auch future attacks.

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