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Many of you know that my husband and I have 3 kids in a public elementary school and that we have been active and vocal in trying to get our district to be more proactive in doing what we can do to keep the kids safer. As I have said before, nothing is 100%, but there are things that can be done to increase the safety of the people who are in our schools and we should be doing them..

Yesterday I was at the kids’ school for a meeting. While I was there I noticed that a large window that used to be in the office, but was now covered up with sheet-rock  I had a hunch  but I asked why. To increase safety was what I was told. Eventually, there will be an all brick wall in it’s place. The entire rest of the office already is brick.

Good, I thought.

Then while in the meeting one of the teachers said to me, “Do you see that black car sitting there?” I turned to look, “Yes” I said.

Teacher- “It has been sitting there a while and what an odd place to park it.”

It was an odd place to park it. Smack in the middle of the lane coming into the school parking lot.

We watched for a bit longer and then informed the principal.

So, this school is actively making changes to increase safety not simply doing things that make us “feel” better, but thing that could actually work AND a staff member saw something odd and acted on it!

Me like.

The car turned out to be a constructor worker’s car, so no threat, but the point is, someone made sure it wasn’t.

I do not think that anything my husband or I have done has impacted anything, but I am thrilled to see that changes are being made.

This is not our town, but I sure hope our town takes notice and does something similar. That would be icing on an already fairly positive cake.

6 thoughts on “Schools & Safety

  1. Interesting thought. Line all of the roads immediately next to the school with red curb paint, a la fire lane, so legally nobody can just park there. There’s a parking lot for a reason.

    • I agree. If the teachers are willing to be aware and take action then that is indeed half the battle!

      Hope all is going well with the house.

  2. We finally got rid of the stupid green card policy, which required us to visually announce that there were people in our room during a lockdown.

    Unfortunately, they replaced it with a new rule saying – get this – that we cannot cover our windows, because the police need to see in.

    Guess who else can see in then, geniuses?

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