Range Day

If your name is MSgt B stop reading now…:)

Yesterday TSM and I took E to the range for a little family bonding time. As most of you already are aware she loves to shoot. From the second we told her she was coming along she beamed.

Neither TSM or I have been to the range in far to long. Between being crazy busy and the whole ammo situation we just haven’t gone. Lots of dry fire practice, though!

We took my M&P carry gun, the Smith & Wesson Shield, E’s Thompson Center .22 LR and M’s Smith & Wesson .22 pistol.

Yesterday was the first time I shot with my new glasses and the results were interesting. I shot much better at close distances, but am having a difficult time finding the right place in the “progressive” lens to shoot out past 20 yards.

Pretty much since day one I have been able to put a small fist size group where ever I wanted it, but have not really been so great at sticking bullets through the same exact hole with any regularity. For self-defense shooting not a big deal, for ego, big deal. The glasses helped that a lot. My groups were nice and tight. At greater than 20 yards my groups were nice and tight, but not where I was aiming. They tended to be lower and that is not a typical problem of mine. Anyway, will need a lot more practice shooting with specs, but I had a blast.

TSM’s shooting was annoyingly awesome as is usually the case.

E wanted to shoot her rifle first. She started at about 5 yards. Perfect 5 shots in the black. We kept moving it out every five shots and she continued to shoot inside the black. I am not positive how far our indoor’s range is, but I think 25. With the exception of 2, all her hits were inside the black  and a couple were dead center.

We do very little coaching with her. We focus on safety, safety, safety, fun and familiarity. We want her to learn how responsibly own and shoot firearms, but she is 9 and so we also want it to be fun(at any age it should also be fun). She really has safety down, but we are extremely watchful of her nonetheless.

After the rifle she decided to try M’s .22 pistol. After a few shots, I realized she was flinging her finger off the trigger after every shot and placing it above the trigger guard, so I suggested she keep her finger on the trigger to feel the reset and then take the next shot . I put my finger on top of hers and we practiced a few times together. She had a bit of trouble at first, but soon was rocking it.

After about 45 minutes I told her whenever she was done to let me know and we would leave. She said ok. Another 40 minutes goes by and she never said a word. Finally, I said, I think we need to get back to the other kids. She smiled and reluctantly said ok!
We went home and had our traditional vacation splurge of crab boil.
*Due to the political climate and the insanity of some folks I want to mention that in the state of Virginia where we live, it is legal for children to shoot guns. The range we were at requires children to be 7. E is 9, was wearing safety gear and was under the direct supervision of both her parents(Her mother an NRA Certified Instructor and her father a Retired Marine)

16 thoughts on “Range Day

  1. Yey! Looks like a great time!

    Glad to hear about the glasses. I know I will be strong armed to get progressive ones next time I get an exam. Sigh…..

    A shame about the disclaimer at the bottom of this post. I carried a .22 rifle ALONE when I was 10. Nobody batted an eye. Of course that was before electricity =)

    • Yeah, I didn’t plan on saying anything because it’s legal and we aren’t doing anything wrong, but someone I care for was nervous and really wanted me to put the disclaimer on when I show the kids, so out of respect I did:)

  2. Great times with the kids!

    Re: glasses. I use RX inserts in my shooting glasses. The dominant eye lens is set for for a front sight focus. The other lens is my usual distance Rx. Takes a minute or two to adjust when I first put them on. The brain adjusts quickly. Prior to that switch the front sight was aways a blur with my RX. (I said I can see the front sight, now I have to remember to use it!)

  3. Why all the small print at the end? Print it large and screw the progressives who don’t like it.

    Great post!

  4. Man, that sounds like an awesome trip! Its sad that nosy busybodies have made it so that we need those disclaimers. Had to do something similar when we posted pics of our munchkin after shooting a Walther P22 (“its pink, Daddy!”) with full safety gear and under the constant supervision of myself, on private property. But the grin….THAT made it all worthwhile!

  5. Sounds like a great day and the low shots could be a problem with the transition in the glasses, you’ll just have to keep plugging on ‘where’ to actually focus!

  6. As soon as I read that first line, I seriously started laughing out loud.

    You’re killing me. Wish I could get some range time.

    Got the house with the massive stone fireplace.
    Pick up the keys this Tuesday and start shuttling stuff down from VA.

  7. The distance to the target makes no difference . If the distance from the eye to the front sight is the same at whatever yardage you’re at you should look thru the same spot on the lens.You know to focus on the front sight. You’ve got that all down pat. I suspect you may be shifting your focus back and forth to the target and losing your spot you’re looking thru. Easy to handle when target shooting.

    • I don’t know. My optometrist explained with the progressive lens I might have trouble at distances. The problem is I can see the front site but not the target at all. Its not that is is blurry I can’t see it. I can’t set the front site over the spot on the target because I can not see it.

      A large man size target the general area fine, a specific thing like a dot on an index card , I can barely see the card let alone the dot.

      Maybe I need a different instructor but I didn’t have the problem before these lenses.

  8. When combat shooting with your head down on your arm you’ll be looking thru the top ( distance ) part of the lens. Then things get real interesting. Or keeping a proper cheek weld when shooting a rifle… same problem. The solution is a special pair of glasses called double D- trifocals with close on the bottom, far in the middle and the top set at the front sight to eye distance. You’re young enough your eyes should still compensate for some of this but latter on the fun really begins.
    Take care

  9. There’s a lot to see in DC. If you have some vacation left one special thing to see is the Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier, the changing of the guard is really special.

    • Yes, you are right!! We have been to DC several times, but E was younger and now she is starting to appreciate more and be more aware.

      We will try again tomorrow. Suppose to be a gorgeous day!!!

  10. What a great range day. My hat’s off to E. Keep it up young lady and soon you’ll be out shooting all of us!

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