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I have a couple of posts milling around in my head on a few things and plus I want to share with younmy fabulous Christmas festvities, but I am having to much fun with the kids on break(although a couple of them are currently sick) to actually sit-down and write, so in the mean time here are a few blogs you should visit.

I have admired and respected The Gun Divas for a long time. This post only adds to that. I am new to the gun world an wasn’t paying attention during the last assault weapons ban, so I am not sure how much trouble we are in here, but it feels like it’s a heap. I hope more gun owners get vocal. Not rude and obnoxious, but visible and loud enough to be heard. I hear there is power in numbers.

Although Michael Bane has some thoughts on just how much trouble is brewing.

Monty on Guns doesn’t blog much, but when he does, he does it well.

And lastly, Greg reminds us what all this fighting is for in the first place. I have written a few posts with similar sentiment, however, visiting the murder capital of the word all by myself is just a little too much fun for me. I do still travel to DC, New York, Chicago and I will return to California one day to take my kiddos to San Simeon. Just because these places are gun free for the law abiding, doesn’t mean they are self defense free.

Also, I bought a pressure cooker and some canning things, so this weekend the fam and I will be working a way. Wish us luck!

6 thoughts on “Some Links

  1. So ths new cooker is it a Tactical cooker or just a plain household cooker?
    Does it come with combat accessories or just a lid?
    Is it a concealable cooker?


    PS Happy New Years.

    • I went with the civilian version for open carry. Don’t want to freak out my liberal neighbors.

      It will be a happy New Year cuz we are gonna start training again…right:)

      • AGirl I do believe we will be able to begin our training I know you owe me some good bruises. Besides don’t you have a new training knife and blue gun to work with?


  2. Enjoy the cooker. Canning is awesome! Even better if you garden, too.

    There’s nothing quite like popping open home-canned salsa or marinara sauce, 100% made from home-grown ingredients, months (or years) after harvesting them. 🙂

  3. I left this under your post about worthwhile reads, but several days after the fact, so don’t know if you saw it. The writer resurrected his story in response to the latest gun ban nonsense. It is about his awakening to the essential role of guns in self-defense. He also has a later post about meeting a woman in a gun store, who never thought she would enter a gun store, and who was unpleasantly surprised to find out about California’s 10 day waiting period:

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