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I received an email asking permission to repost Melissa’s article. It was from a gentleman in the UK who had this to say…

“I live in a country where handguns are banned, and even our Olympic Pistol shooting team has to travel to another country to practice. In the UK, there is an almost country-wide ban on all sorts of firearms, except for the police, who are supposed to be unarmed, but who more and more frequently are seen in public with firearms, usually Hechler & Koch semi-automatic rifles. Here the people who have firearms are criminals, and a farmer who shot a burglar with a shotgun was (a) imprisoned for shooting said burglar, and (b) sued by said burglar for injuring him.

A friend was burgled while he slept upstairs, and when he woke up he made sufficient noise to scare away the burglar. On coming down into the kitchen he found a pan of water being heated on the cooker, which was, according to a policeman attending after the event, “for you, if you had a chance of apprehending them.”

The lunatics have taken over the asylum here, and somebody needs to talk some some sense about firearms, but I think the government will simply see it as a means of limiting their absolute authority over citizens. I have rarely read such a lucid argument and would like to get it out into the public awareness in the UK.

Kind regards”

I am not sure the validity of this article. I keep thinking it is some sort of Onion type article because the insanity of it is beyond, well, insane. It is the BBC, so it appears to be an actual story even if the source appears to be off mark on occasion.

Kitchen knives. Kitchen knives…

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  1. Yeah, pretty sure that article is not a joke. I recall some noise a couple years ago about banning glass pints- after all, easy access to heavy drinkware is shown to cause bar fights. Also, it appears that chefs can be Fudds, too. And I’ve read articles about homeowners being charged with brandishing for displaying kitchen knives IN THEIR OWN HOME when they were experiencing a home invasion. Thats not what I call progress.

  2. I *had* actually heard of the pointed-tip knife ban. The first time I heard about it was several years ago.

    I had a friend whose husband was from England and I was appalled at their “duty to retreat” and the fact that they were not allowed to defend themselves.

  3. Observe the fruit of a century of preaching that the common man is a child, fit only to be led by his betters. You can cut the class snobbery with (err) a knife.

    Merry Christmas anyway. 😉

  4. You would be surprised how often glass bottles are used to beat someone to death. Bad guys don’t enjoy lifting heavy things, so the weapons they use tend to be lightweight and maneuverable, as well as easy to access. If they don’t have an obvious choice, trust me, they make do. Unlike the “candy glass” bottles that are used in old Western movies as props to break over a cowboy’s head in a bar fight, real glass bottles stand up quite well to blows. The old heavy Coca cola and Pepsi bottles, as well as most long necked beer battles make deadly weapons, strong enough to leave a nice dent in a two by four without the glass breaking. Someone whose work I studied in grad school had a case where a woman was beaten to death with a Pepsi bottle, the familiar spiral fluting of the bottle visible on the broken margins of her skull.

  5. Being an Aussie, I can attest that we have the same insanity growing by leaps and bounds here in Australia. We’ve long been without guns here, except for being allowed for farmers for the culling of vermin or as a member of a gun club.

    The anti guns people used the ‘Port Arthur Massacre’ as an excuse to disarm us.

  6. The UK is not like the US—it’s getting worse due to the libatards giving everything away. I had a chance to work with some UK coppers in Bosnia…they feared that in 10 years all the coppers i n the UK would have to be armed. Why? because of all the folks coming there for welfare from other countries- where they were used to having illegal guns.
    My UK copper friends said they hoped they could retire before having to be armed all the time–it’s that bad.
    We need to fix the mental health system, the courts and the prisons. A puke in prison had more rights than a soldier in the US Army–and often better medical care. Prison should do a few things–make life hard and try to fix the defects. If they can’t be fixed–then put them on an island in the ocean.

  7. Yep. Knife and Glass Mug bans.
    A Nerf society is what they want, wherein everyone cannot hurt another (unless they are agents of the nanny state!)


  8. but suppressors are sold over the counter at your local hardware store….

    Seems it’s considered terribly rude to wake your neighbors while dispatching rabbits at dawn.

  9. Real, *sigh*. I know a couple folks who live over there. One born and raised there, by born and raised parents. The other a Canadian who moved there. They are indeed legally expected to avoid injuring burglers and attackers. Case after case of home-owners who attempted to protect their property or themselves and ended up in jail for it.

  10. The BBC article is real; I’m quite familiar with the site. The nanny state of Great Britain desires all of its residents to be nice little sheep and have no protection from the wolves. The British police are good enough, but their real focus is on detection and apprehension, and not prevention. Call and they will show up, but you have already been violated by the time they get there.

    And now you also know why butter knives are shaped the way they are.

    As an aside, I’m waiting for the ban on magazines on airplanes. I laugh every time I go through TSA at an airport and then sit in my seat with an airline-provided lethal weapon in the seat pocket in front of me.

    Oh dear! I shouldn’t have written that last bit. Now Feinstein will want a ban on “assault magazines”.

  11. I remember hearing about that or actually seeing it on the net years ago. The lunatics are running the asylum ! Unfortunately for the native citizens, they are the bureaucrats and the politicians in office over there !

  12. I went to school in Harrow, outside London in the UK in the seventies, and my mother was a staunch British gentlewoman. I have always had admiration and understanding for our British cousins and their long term contributions to the culture of the world. However, the idea that the masses are simply children to be managed is abhorrent to me. Culturally, Brits are taught that the reasonable thing to do is run from an attacker or robber. Kitchen knives are too dangerous for mere folk. Anything that could potentially cause harm is locked up and regulated. The last time I was there , to dispose of my aunt’s assets and put her home up for sale, I had to go the the Embassy area and buy an illegal can of Drano, as if it were drugs or something ! Drano officially regulated and only for use by plumbers ? Unbelievable.

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