Stalked:A Girl Without A Gun

Eric in Texas left a link on my blog and so, of course, I clicked and read the story. It’s powerful story. At least to me it is.

It’s story that brought back feeling of fear and emotion that I hadn’t felt in a very long time. I am still surprised how quickly I can be transported back to the days following my mugging. But, today I felt a different fear.

Back then I was afraid of being hurt, of not being strong enough, mentally or physically, to protect myself and my children. Now, the fear is of being forced to be defenseless. I am not panicking or freaking out as I am not even sure what is even true right now, but just the thought of not having access to my gun terrifies me. I would like to say it doesn’t. That I am cool, calm, and ready for anything, but I am not.

I am not willing to give them up. I shouldn’t have to.

6 thoughts on “Stalked:A Girl Without A Gun

  1. The police are weeks/days/hours/minutes away when you need them most . . . .

    Praying the young woman is doing fine and perhaps Ned is planted somewhere befitting him . . . .

  2. That is a powerful story. Gives me chills.

    The ironic thing is, my stalker is the one who armed me. Living in Colorado, I wouldn’t have had to endure a waiting period, but I can imagine the terror that young lady felt. And when women *know*, in their bones, that their stalker is going to kill them, they are almost always correct.

  3. I have taught CCH students that HAD a restraining order. One quickly found out that the paper would do nothing to stop him from beating her at will over two days at her apartment. I do not want to dance in the blood of innocents, but I am bound to do all I can to make sure that never happens to her again. She stood up and I think that that scenario will not happen again with her.

    It is strange. I install alarms on businesses and homes that have already been violated. I also teach people how to run a weapon. I seem to profit from other peoples misfortune. I do not wish to dance in the blood of innocents. At times it seems I do. What do you think about this?

    • Keads, you are not “dancing in the blood” or profiting from others misfortune. You are providing a valuable service.

      There is no amount of money I could pay, John, Arete, Kathy, others who have helped prepare me to defend my life.

      After I was mugged I was terrified. I couldn’t sleep or be alone. Even when I had my gun I couldn’t relax because I didn’t know how to use it. I couldn’t imagine living like that forever.

      The service you provide is a true life saving service. Plus you care. I am so thankful that woman had someone like you to turn to for training.

      Making money isn’t blood dancing activity Keads. No matter how much we want to we can not live on good wishes and concern. The elecrtic company just will not accept that kind of payment.

      You a good man!

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