Meet Jayne

This is my new truck. It is used, but it is new to me. We sold my mini-van, Rita and bought something that fits my life style now. I needed a big truck cuz we are a big family.

My husband searched and searched to find me what I wanted. I drove every kind of truck out there and liked most of them, but nothing really knocked my socks off until this one. I had made up my mind, but we kept looking for a few days. No matter what I saw or drove, I just continued to go back to the lot to look at this Ford 250. Eventually, I could not take it anymore and said, “Babe, lets go get it.”

And so we did. I would like to say that if you are in the market for a vehicle, you should take my hubby along, he is a smartie.

I know you all will be surprised, but I bonded with the manger of the used sales department over…yes, you guessed it guns.

The deal was done, the ink was dry, but we stayed about another hour or so chit chatting. It was well after 11pm by the time we left the dealership. Love this man, his boys are magazine cover cute and I am looking forward to having them come to FPF Training in the near future (hopefully).

I named her Jayne. I like meaning and the meaning of this name is from the show Firefly, Calamity Jane and our very good friend’s new daughter. The name has badassery, female awesomeness, and delicate, sweet femininity.

I will skip the whole I am sorry I have been a bad blogger and the long, long list of all that has kept me busy, but I will say I miss chit chatting with all of you. I truly think about everyone and wonder what is going on in your lives. I am very hopeful that Monday will bring a little down time for me to both read and post on blogs.

Have a very happy Saturday…I will be in my truck!

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  1. Saweeet! It even has “smurf bars”…I know that’s not really what they’re called, but when my sis gave me a ride in her new truck, she told me what they were called, and my mind just called them smurf bars…for us short, smurfy kinda girls.

    Congrats! It totally looks bad ass….can you do donuts on ice in it?

      • Smurf bars? LOL You should look at the retractable versions of the running boards. Open up when you open the door, close once you’re in or out. Bestop makes some as well. I can mail you the link to them. They are self-installable, but you can have TSM do it so you can admire him while he’s working on Jayne for ya. πŸ™‚

  2. Congratulations- long may she run ( not that I like Neil Young) and I also am a Ford person. Yours looks almost brand new, and it will undoubtedly last for decades to come. “Jayne” – maybe you need a red pom-pom on the roof? Both Firefly and now, Justified, were/are two of my all time favorites. You know that Adam Baldwin is one of us in very way? Tweets a lot, always good. BTW – I always suggest that a female take a man with her to get a car unless she personally knows the salesperson very well. Even in this day, a lot of car sales or repair places will BS a woman jut because they think they can. And even if she is strong, well informed and highly intelligent, she still has to put up with a lot of their song-and-dance before she can get down to business. Yet, magically, if a guy is present with her, they often have a different attitude. And if the man and woman both ‘open carry’, well, the BS factor drops to less than one.
    Heading back to the hospital for the day. Still have not forgotten your package.

    • Well, my husband knows more about cars ect. When they asked him how far off we were on the numbers he said one-thousand six hundred and five dollars. Lol…and $5 he said:) he is kind of a numbers guy. I have to say the price of the truck was already good and the people at the dealership were great.

      FYI…we both conceal carry and didn’t mention to anyone we were armed. In fact in those situations I am usually extra careful about concealing. I would never want anyone to misunderstand why I carry a gun. Never to intimidated or to get a better price on a car;) if they screw me on a car they are perfectly safe. If they try to take my life then we have a problem.

      Been thinking of you!

      • thank you so much. And btw, in places where open carry is allowed, you would be surprised at how often that actually attracts the people you are dealing with, a sort of ‘bond’; unless they are hoplophobes, a lot of them respond the same way they would if they saw a bumper sticker on your vehicle that resonated with them. So it’s not as much an intimidation matter as a communication that often reaches like-minded folks on a deep level. Example – a friend of mine who lived for a few years in a western state where open carry is widespread, said he was in a grocery store checkout with his .45 Kimber on and a lady who he thought might have been in her 70s or so, walked up and said, “A Kimber? Sweet. I carry a little 9mm because my old joints don’t like the recoil of the bigger ones.” I love that story.

        • Don’t forget. Jane – from Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I know it is spelled differently, but she is all kinds of badass and she’ll kill ya with a smile on her face too.

          I could think of worse ways to go!

      • Thank you; it is my great pleasure to read this blog.

        I have so much truck envy now and feel totally inadequate, fer sher! Even the neighbors’ dawgs are sneering at my vehicle since I showed them Jayne’s pics. Kinda hard to park 21-25 feeet of truck where I am nowadays though. *pathetic envious sigh*

  3. Love it!!! Now all ya gotta do is cut a hatch in the roof over the back seat for a Ma Deuce, install some gun ports in the doors, mount strobe lights on the roof….lessee…am I forgetting anything? Enjoy!!!!

  4. Jayne,
    The man they call Jayne.

    Never figured you for a 3/4 ton girl. πŸ™‚

    I’m sure it will haul everything you need and then some.

    • My husband was riding with me and said, “A lot of changes babe.” “Still a little hard to get used to.”

      I was never a 3/4 ton girl or even much of a driver before, but I love her so much!!

  5. Yep, that truck definitely needs a gaudy-orange knit cap with red pompoms! I’m a Toyota guy, but heck, trucks are just plain awesome!

    • Thanks! I am enjoying it. I have never really liked to drive before, but now I am finding reasons to run errands…lol Of course, she is a thirsty one:)

  6. Congrats! Ummm… Can I borrow you and the truck? Need to move… Er…. Nice truck! πŸ™‚

  7. Hey, glad to have you back and blogging again…Nice rig, is it a diesel? Good luck wuth it. Joe

    • Me too, thanks Joe. She is gas. I really struggled with that choice, but this truck popped up, I loved her, price was very good, so I just went with it.

    • Thanks. I missed be there…really, so much. My kiddo, M, wanted some one on one mommy time and she is a neato kid, so I jumped at the chance to hang with her.

  8. I got the daughter some “Zombie Response Vehicle” door stickers for her Jeep, among other things, for her birthday.
    Wait til you see the pictures, you’re going to want some for that monster.

    Heh Heh, “Jayne”…I should’ve known.

  9. Always been a truck girl myself. Resigned to economical commuter car status now. I do foresee in my near future though a Excursion. Gotta have a big vehicle to haul these big boys of mine around!

  10. Nice Truck! It fits you oh so very well! Me, not so much a truck person. Hell, I have to drive 5+ hours to meet my friends now =)

  11. You go, girl. Nice truck. Just found your blog thru several links and you would be very welcome here in Texas with your attitude and opinions. You have a big truck and carry. I have a 2005 F250 Diesel and love to drive it. I put a 50 gal aux tank in the bed to extend my range pulling the 36 ft 5th wheel RV.

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