Lesson To Be Learned

I read an article today(Society For The Preservation Of Military History) written by Brandon Webb to his friend Glen Doherty. I am sure everyone reading this blog is aware of who those two men are, but just in case you aren’t. Brandon is a former Seal as was Mr. Doherty. Glen lost his life in Libya fighting quite a valiant fight.

I guess it isn’t an article so much as a letter Brandon wrote to his best friend. The whole thing is worth your time. I encourage you to read it.

When I read Brandon’s words, I felt a huge sadness. I felt a sadness for a life lost and a friend in pain. I felt sadness for what this country’s leadership is costing us…the lives of good men. I felt a sadness for all that Brandon is feeling and when I read these words I couldn’t help but reflect on my own life a little.

“Greg delivered one of the best talks I’ve ever heard under the most difficult of situations. What an amazing brother; I hope to get to know him better. His speech made me reflect on my own life choices and how important our relationship with friends and family are. I’m going to work harder at embracing my friends and family the way you always did”.

It seems to be the universal theme of regret. Most everyone no matter how rich, or successful, or average or well adjusted or hurting, or on and on. Still everyone wants more time with the ones they love. No amount of time is ever enough, of course. It is never easy to say good bye, but there are things we can do to ease the pain. The most obvious is not to neglect those we care for.

I try very hard to let those I care about know that I care. Not everyone likes it so much (not everyone like hugs from A Girl), but still I know what it is like to lose someone unexpectedly and regret is not a fun thing to live with. I do not want anyone I care about or love to ever doubt that I cared or loved them.

There seems to be hardly anything beyond love that really matters. Even though this is not news to anyone, still so many hide behind pain, pride, fear and a whole host of things that keep them from the people and relationships they actually want and value.

I did not know Glen Doherty, but from what I read he was a fine example of living his life to the fullest without fear or regret while loving on those he loved. It appears everyone who knew him knew they were cherished by Glen. What a wonderful legacy.

I hope that one of the lessons we learn from all this insanity that is happening in our world and from the loss of life is not only a resolve to fight those that are destroying what we value, but also a dedication to love those we love while we can. It probably is the kindest, most important thing you can do for another person.





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  1. You probably already follow Sultan Knish – if not, you should! – but in case you haven’t read it, this link will make the deaths of two SEALs in defending others, even more infuriating. Obama and his scumsucking ayholes were already complicit, before the fact. The fix was in. Read as much of Daniel Greenfield’s post as you have time for. The rot is deeper than you or I imagined.
    BTW – have not forgotten you, have not had time to go to the post office yet. But it will be.

  2. What i read when I saw this…

    not everyone like hugs from A a Girl girl.

    Who doesn’t like hugs from a girl! They make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

    Why’d it get so dusty in here as I read that letter…

  3. In a perfect world one of those full page political ads would be removed from a magazine or newspaper and replaced with this letter, so people can understand what it is all about. Thank you for sharing.

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