Friday, Friday…

This weekend I was invited to go shooting for a good cause with some great folks (too many to list, but it’s the usual suspects) and invited to go with a friend to a conference on adoption and was invited by one of the ladies that attended the Cornered Cat training to go watch the Shooting Diva’s pull a plane I think  plus it’s my son’s 21st birthday. All good stuff, but I am not doing any of them because I am lucky enough to be working at FPF Training. Who else has that many good things to choose from?

I actually am going to celebrate with my son. John is a great boss, so he is letting me leave a tad bit early to take my baby out to dinner and buy him his very first glass of alcohol..cough, cough.

I have heard time and time again that EMT is easy peasy, but I beg to differ. I am doing well, passing the test and practicals. I contribute in class, I follow along, and I am understanding what is being taught, but I am studying my backside off. There is an awful lot of terms and concepts to learn. I spend most of my day reading and rereading as well as taking the online quizzes, doing the crosswords and listening to the audio version of the lecture on my ipad while doing errands. I am loving every single second of it, but easy is not the word that comes to mind. I guess I am just slower than the rest of you all.

If your wallet is heavy and you are looking for a way to lighten it, do not forget about the KTKC Fundraiser and the Second Amendment Foundation’s ASSAULTED film that could really use some funds. Ray sent me, along with most every other blogger a little note asking for support and I , like everyone else am happy to support this important endeavour.

The world is getting to be a very ugly place. I am not sure what the future holds, but I don’t think it is looking too good. Please do not forget about those who having been fighting and dying for our country’s values and freedoms.

Enjoy your weekend!! Have some fun and BE SAFE!!!!


9 thoughts on “Friday, Friday…

  1. When I’m out at the Wounded Warrior event shooting FULLY AUTOMATIC WEAPONS this weekend, I’ll be thinking “Gee, I sure miss A Girl and Her Gun.”

    I swear…really.


  2. First, congrats to your boy/man and you and TSM for him (kid) making it this far. Second, don’t worry, boys always need their mom, even if it is just for a kick in the pants when they get lazy. One of ours told me he needed to move back home for a couple of weeks so I could do my drill instructor routine on him. We decided phone azz-kicking would work…he has a wife and child and Ah shoooorly would not want to deprived them of his presence!

    Third..EMT training. Yep, it takes a lot of studying. Get a study buddy (sorry, TSM can’t do it, he’ll have the wrong mindset…and he’ll probably goof off too much, too). You need someone who knows how to TEACH. Someone who gets you and your interest and where you’re coming from. That person and you can use your life as an outline. Like, say you’re studying the respiratory system. Make it personal. Use one of your kids as an example (no, I don’t mean for you to intubate them and then say “Welllll, let’s have a little look-see here”!)

    Also, try using that thing that I can never remember, where you take the first letter of every thing (valves of the heart, for example) and make a little saying to remind yourself. Heck, when I took my CPL class I used my fingers to “model” the 3 Rules.

    Lastly, don’t ever give up! You can do this. You’re young, you’re smart, you carry a gun, and darnit, people like you!

    • You are the sweetest thing!! Thank you for always being my cheerleader.

      I have no intention of giving up. For one, I am a big time nerd and actually love to study and learn. I am doing some of the suggestions you mentioned. Black marker doesn’t come off your kids as easily as you might think…;)

  3. As a former paramedic I understand what you’re saying about the EMT course. Sure it’s “easy” if you just want to pass: i.e. you show up (most of the time), half-ass listen (when you’re not joking around), and get a passing grade on the tests and practicals (which they frequently let you retake if you fail).

    BUT if you really care and want to learn the material, so that you can actually use it when you done, it’s tough! A&P, physiology, pharmacology, and the new equipment and terms — there’s a lot to wrap your brain around.

    Hopefully when you get done you’ll be able to get involved with a local volunteer fire department or search and rescue or something that will allow you to put you new found knowledge and skill to work; otherwise much of it will be quickly forgotten.

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