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If you follow Active Response Training(and if not, DO IT NOW) then you know most weeks Greg links to a few books that are offered either free or at a very low cost. Usually these books are through Amazon.com, but a while back he linked to a book by Alain Burrese. It was a free web book called “Take Care Be Aware”

It is a pretty basic guide on mind set, awareness and the like. It’s good and I wish I had something like it when I first started down this road.

Of course, I have zero computer skills and I didn’t want to bother Barron again, so when I tried to download it and then couldn’t find it on my ipad, I contacted Mr. Burrese, who answered me in about 10 minutes. He resent the link, no questions asked and I was off.

I enjoyed the book which made me curious about what else Alain had to say, so I bought “How To Protect Yourself By Developing A Fighter’s Mindset” If you sign up by email to get the free copy of Take Care Be Aware, then a few weeks later a coupon will arrive via email for 35% off The Fighter’s Mindset book, but I couldn’t wait.

Very good book. Again, I think the information is basic. By basic I don’t mean simple or unimportant, I mean critical to building such a mindset. He is cocky, but in a good way. He shares stories of his adventures and how he developed his own mindset and how he has grown and refined it since.

I think it is one of those books, like The Cornered Cat’s that I will be handing out as gifts on a regular basis. Good, solid, very useful, information presented in a humorous and  to easy understand way.

I subscribe to his newsletters, which do not come too often, but are full of good hints and insights. At the bottom of each, he makes a statement about wanting to help in our journey and that if there are any questions or concerns to contact him and he will respond. I am not sure how many times you have seen that, but I have seen it often and almost never does the person respond. I think Mr. Burrese is different.

When my coupon arrived I contacted Mr. Burrese again and told him thank you, but I already had purchased the book and enjoyed it very much. He emailed back within the hour and offered me a 25% off coupon for one of his DVD’s. The customer service in phenomenal.

He said this in his latest newsletter that focused on courage…


When we are aware, we know our vulnerability to injury and death.
And from this awareness springs fear.  It is natural, and we all
feel it at times.  And this is good, because without fear, we
could not be courageous.  Courage should not be thought of as the
absence of fear, but rather as doing the right thing in the face
of fear.

One fear many have is the fear of failure, which is a threat to
self-esteem.  Some will even refuse to attempt something they may
fail at, or when the task becomes difficult, there is a tendency in
some to reinterpret the task as something not really that important
and therefore give themselves an excuse to stop.

Martial artists are acquainted with this form of fear, and
sometimes the temptation to skip training, or find an excuse to stop
all together, gets the best of some and they never realize the
benefits of their pursuit and never achieve the accomplishment of
becoming proficient in their art through hard work, sweat and blood.
Sometimes it takes courage to push through the pain and continue to

And by doing this, you help develop your overall character and
strengthen your virtue of courage.  This may help you be courageous
in actual defensive situations and may help you carry out admirable
acts in the face of opposition in other areas of your life too. When
you learn to tough one thing out and achieve the rewards that
determination, discipline and yes, courage, bring you, it will
transcend to other areas of your life.

Courage is one of many virtues the study of martial arts can bring
you. That is, if you are courageous enough to stick with it through
the difficult times.  If you’re reading this, I know you are,
and I know you will.

Yours in training – Alain

P.S. Have I mentioned lately how much I miss training with Arete?

10 thoughts on “Take Care Be Aware

  1. Good points, and ‘awareness’ is a critical component. Sadly, few maintain awareness of their situation/surroundings until it’s TOO LATE!

  2. Being perpetually short on resources and funds, finding learning materials and knowledge for free or reduced cost has been … difficult … to say the least.

    Excellent post, and thanks for the heads-up, A Girl! 🙂

  3. Headin to check out the free download. Just wanted to add, “courage” is not to be mistaken for “absence of fear”. “Absence of fear” is usually just another way of saying “crazy” or “not paying attention”. “Courage” is making a decision, and then following through with it, in spite of or in the face of fear. Excellent post over at EvylRobot’s place that demonstrates this. Sure…its just a carnival ride. But the fact that he rode it, that was courage.

    The fact that he rode it in a kilt…that’s either insanity or awesomeness. Not sure which.

      • I agree with you both except that I don’t have to ask TSM:) I know the difference between fear and courage, I believe he mentions this difference in his writing, but there is another fear he is talking about also, I believe, It is not the kind that alerts you to danger, but the kind that keeps you from achieving. I recently had this very conversation with a person who was avoiding attending her/his next training due to fear…of judgement, failing etc. That kind of fear is not helpful, but it often does take courage to overcome. Eventually, though it gets easier and easier as one continues to face it.

          • Yes. It is tough. It is a fear I struggled with for a longtime after I was mugged. And not one I has before. I didn’t trust my judgement and I was afraid to mess up and that fear carried over into everything. Every thing I did felt outside my comfort zone, but in an effort to stop being afraid, I forced myself to face those “little” fears(which were actually paralyzing) and each time gained strength and courage.

            It’s nice to be on the journey with others who understand:)

  4. Thank you for posting the review of my eBooks. It is greatly appreciated. I linked to it from my site. I plan on checking out more of your posts. Thanks again!

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