First things first…BIG OL HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes to MSgt. B. You all hop on over there and tell him your glad he hung on for another year.

Also, big congrats to Michael and all the bloggers who raised a good chunk of money for cancer research.

I have never been a car person or one who likes to drive. I waited until I was almost 17 to get my license. Of course, I lived in an itty bitty town in Iowa and didn’t really need a car, but the truth is I just never cared about it. My husband loves cars, so if I need one, I would tell him what I wanted, he would find, buy it and brings it home. My mini van, Rita was the first vehicle I had a lot of input into. I really liked her, but still never cared about driving her. Never went out and looked at her and if we went somewhere as a family TSM always drove. But, there is something about a truck or at least my truck.

I am in love. I can’t explain it, but I drive her everywhere and errands I used to dread I look forward to just because I get to drive my truck. My poor husband hardly gets to drive anymore. He says he doesn’t mind, but as he sits in the passengers seat, I see his leg twitch ever so often, so every few trips I toss him the keys. He is so kind to give up something he loves for me.

My trip to Texas isn’t gonna happen in October. There are a ton of reasons, but the biggest is time. I am gone 2 nights a week every week and I work every weekend in October, but one. I can not take the only weekend I am off away from the kids. I am beyond bummed. I was so looking forward to the trip. I am fortunate that I have meet some of the very best people on the planet through this blog and I was going to get to meet them face to face. However, as much as I truly wanted to do that, my kids want me to take them to the pumpkin patch with our dear friends and that is where I need to be, where I want to be. I will say it again…I am beyond blessed. Each and everyday I have the arduous task of trying to figure out what absolutely wonderful thing I get to do.

I missed another blogmeet. The gang headed to the National Gunshow and met for dinner afterwards. I had planned to go and show off Jayne, but my teenager wanted a mommy day and for some reason clothes shopping sounded more appealing than guns. The girl is strange, but, but, but she did ask if she could come to work with me. I asked John and he said yep, so this next weekend she will be accompanying me and fingers crossed maybe I can get her to shoot a .22 pistol.I need to find a .22 first, but that is just a minor issue.

M is doing so much better since we changed her diet. I mean the changes are nothing less than amazing. She is not as tired, her skin has cleared up, she has more energy, she hasn’t gotten sick in a few weeks and her headaches are almost nonexistent.I am one very relieved momma.

EMT is also going well. both TSM and I are having a great time and learning a ton. We will start to run calls here in the next week or so. They assign us a person to ride along with. Our town had a very busy weekend of fires, accidents and hurt kids. The scanner was going nuts. Both of us are excited to be a part of doing something positive for our community.

I have not read hardly any blogs to include my own. I have several hundred spam comments that needed deleting. I am doing my best to keep up. Thanks for sticking with me. I genuinely appreciate it.

22 thoughts on “Hodgepodge

    • Lol!

      The good thing is even though its hectic so far it’s good. Will try to get a break in here and there:)

  1. Why . . . why . . . . why . . . . your life and your family TAKING PRIORITY OVER BLOGGING?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Why I never . . . . . .

    🙂 Enjoy Ms. A – they are outta the nest and on their own much too quickly!! Our son showed up Sunday – laundry, mom and dad time, chatting about BUYING A HOUSE?!?!?!?!? WHAT????? 🙂 Yep, our parents had kinda the same reaction 40 years or so ago – world keeps on turnin’. Actuallly, he and his hunny bunn (to be wife in May) seem to have things well in hand. Nice to see.

    Go – enjoy Jayne (you do need a Jayne Hat though), kids, family, work, EMT . . . . we’ll be here when you can poke your nose into the blog-o-sphere.

  2. Yep, there’s just something about rumbling down the road in a good pickup. Personally, I like the option for hauling stuff, if I ever need it (try strapping a 20-ft extension ladder to a {not-so}Smartcar), and being able to see OVER a good portion of the traffic on the road, so that I know what’s happening three or four cars ahead…even if I get behind another pickup or SUV, there’s still a good chance I can see through their windshield and anticipate problems that may arise.

    We’ll miss seein ya, but we know that family time takes priority. Just as long as you RESCHEDULE the trip, and not just write it off. And yes…I used my stern font there. ‘Course…we can always get you the upcoming schedules for either the Fort Worth or Dallas gun show weekends, so you can plan accordingly….:evil grin:

    • *pssssst. Toss in a chance to hunt, mebbe, later in the season and I suspect she’ll “plan accordingly”* BEG

      Nothing says “Oh. boy! like the sound of a big V-8 rumbling along on land or sea.

      • Ha, yeah that might so it.

        RA-I absolutely will be rescheduling. It really is a priority for me to come see you guys.

  3. Enjoy your new truck, your kids, your work, your life. You need to do what you need to do. Sorry about your TX trip but we’ll still be here when you can make the trip. See you then!

  4. The truck is beautiful and i know you will enjoy it. If you would like to borrow a .22 pistol (or rifle) just let me know. I have a 22/24 ruger that is a dream to shoot. Have a holster for it also if you like. Just let me know and we can drop off or meet up. Drop me a line.

  5. Freaked me out a little when strangers started showing up on my blog to wish me a Happy Birthday.
    Owe you for that one.

  6. Ha ha…Marine husband and I went to the gun show this weekend. It was his first gun show and he was quite wide eyed. We took our class for concealed carry. Interestingly, the instructor was a woman. I am so glad to meet/know so many women instructors! And there is another gun show in Dale City this weekend.

    • I love the gun show, but the first time I went I was wide eyed as well.

      So glad you took the course for you CCP. Need to get some defensive shooting courses under your belt now:)

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