Making Amends

My blog is pretty much boobless at this point and that seems to have left both Rabid Alien and MSgt B longing for a little something. As I aim to please…

I literally goggled the word “boobs” which lead me to I am off for a whole weekend of family time. You all enjoy the pics.

11 thoughts on “Making Amends

  1. An observation from an older coot. I KNOW this is a lighthearted post; and it was done as a kindness to a lot of guys. But what I have learned over the better part of a century is this.
    Although boobs do draw attention, unless a man learns to focus on what is within the female- the heart and mind – then the rest is meaningless. Because there will always be boobs. They age, they sag, they lose shape, and there will always be younger, prettier ones to come along and show themselves.
    But only when a man find the one person who holds his heart forever, through all the changes of life – sagging boobs, bigger bellies, to occasional mastectomy or chemo, or stroke – only then will he begin to understand what life really is. And if he finds that one woman who was meant for him, and he meant for her, then whatever charms others may possess will be of very little meaning.
    One woman, one heart, one soul, for a lifetime. That is what life is about. imho.
    Carry on.

    • You are 100% right. Both of the men mentioned are guys that are married for quite an extended period of time to lovely women. They are stand p guys that were just being silly in my last post, so I was being silly back, but I repeat…you are spot on with your words of wisdom:)

    • Amen.

      But looking isn’t illegal, yet. Just as long as I get to come home to the most spectacular set I’ve seen (Mrs.Alien, of course!), I’m happy.

  2. I dunno about other guys- well, maybe I do since I know a lot who seem to enjoy those kind of… boobs.
    But as far as I’m concerned, there’s enough there for ten women and nine would still have too much.

  3. Boobs are easy to find, good writing, cogent discussion of women and shooting, and HONEST appraisal of situations, not so much… Just sayin…

    • I strongly disagree. I think there are a lot of very good female writers out there and I have never seen you make a similar comparison when MSgt B posts such pics. Just saying:)

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