That Was Fun

Last night TSM, the kiddos and I went to a friends house to watch football. He is a big Michigan State fan. Anyway, he had several friends over, none of them were people we had met before. All of the men at the get-together are active duty Marines, so we are doing the normal do you know so and so and when we stationed there, etc. Very nice time.

About an hour later TSM and I are chit chatting with a woman and out of no where she whispers “Are you preppers?” Up until this point I had not mentioned guns, self defense, zombies…nothing. She said just the way I spoke made her wonder. Anyway she and her husband are and she writes for a small prepping blog. I forgot exactly which one or I would link it. During the course of that first conversation about guns, I mentioned working for John and she told me her friend is a firearms instructor and handed me her card. Turns out her friend is one of The Pistol Packing Ladies. The blog came up and she said, Oh, I have read that.

The whole rest of the night was spent discussing guns, fighting, knives, politics and self defense. She is not a women that is going to let anyone mess with her. She shared a couple of very cool stories. Her daughter is being raised to be a strong, confident, young lady, who knows her worth and is hundred percent willing to fight for herself.

Another lady there was a former police officer and she is looking to buy a gun. Lots of fun talk about that. She has actually had a bit of trouble where she lives and with a husband who travels, she is getting more serious about an improved home protection plan.

When we left the host said, well, I have never been to a party where the women spent the entire night talking about knife fighting.

The former police officer walked us to the door and said she rarely if ever gets to talk to another woman about her passion. She is a diehard Notre Dame fan and can not stand when people talk during a football game, but she said last night she could have cared less because she enjoyed the conversation so much.

I concur. They were some very neat folks and I enjoyed the evening tremendously.

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  1. It ‘s always cool to meet like minded people. I have had those such talks with a few friends,and one whom I would have never thought even liked guns..she is european and never struck me as the gun toting type..until ,we too were at a party at their house and the subject came up..not only is she an excellant shooter but also a concealed weapons carrier… : )

  2. “When we left the host said, well, I have never been to a party where the women spent the entire night talking about knife fighting.”

    Wish the parties I went to were this cool. When am I gonna get to hang out with the cool kids?

  3. So delighted that you had some time to unwind and recharge the batteries,,,, you need that!

  4. Great story! I got to hear it from the guest who asked if you were preppers! She writes, under the pen name Momma bear, for my blog, [url=] TraceMyPreps[/url]. She writes twice a month, one general topic and one that’s a summary of her families preps for the month. Here’s a link to her latest post: [url=] Momma Bear’s August Preps [/url]

    • Awesome!! Thank you for the blog and a link to her article. I will edit the original post to include it .

      She speaks very highly of you!!

    • Hey, I never said we didn’t play with Barbie’s. What’s better than football, gun talk and a dream house? Ok, maybe not, but my little girls were in the corner playing dress up and dolls:)

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