Someone You Should Know

In all the hoopla this week with my kiddos, I totally forgot to post the “Someone You Should Know” post that I made a commitment to do. Sorry about that.

She is remarkable.

“You probably don’t know Augusta Chiwy.  She just didn’t patch up paratroopers…she went out to the battlefield and got shot at picking up wounded troops on litters and shelled and bombed in her own hospital…but you may remember this image from the Band of Brothers series (episode 6)…”

There are pictures and video and we all know that without Barron, I am worthless am not!, so just click on over to BLACKFIVE for the full story.

**edited by Barron to include video and creative license with my wording.**

**updated to embed the entire Documentary on the Battle of the Bulge**

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  1. Lol, ok Barron, I am not worthless. I am spoiled and lucky. Thank you for putting the video directly into the post. You are the best:)

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