If You Blog Using Blogger

For some reason I can not leave a comment on anyone’s blog that makes me verify with word verification. No matter how many times I type, correctly, the letters, it just keeps telling me they are wrong. I love ya, but I am not able to tell you that on your blog, sorry.

Jalissa– I tried to say you daughter is way to cute for words. Apparently your site agrees as it won’t let me post a single word.

Larry– lol, nice definition of damnyankee.

Zercool- I totally still want to come hunting and so does my hubby. The only hang up is that we have a EMT practical that Saturday, so I need to check see if we can miss one class.

AOA– I left a long rant, but don’t have the same heart for it now, so I will just say, yeah he is a “legitimate jerk”.

There are others, but I am off to the doctor as E has some kind of funky eye infection.



22 thoughts on “If You Blog Using Blogger

  1. Hm. I wonder if anyone else is having the same problems…

    I’ll have to turn the word verification off to see. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. You know how you list blogs you like on your sidebar? Well, I can no longer access ANYTHING in the design category of my blogger blog. I can’t add blogs. I can’t delete blogs that no longer exist. I can’t even remove or add photos on my sidebar.

  3. I almost never reply to a blog with the word verification. If I do and miss it the first time I just delete the comment.

  4. I never turned mine on. I have noticed lately that some of the images being presented to “verify” what you’re typing are simply unreadable. Had one today I had to hit three times. Tell ya what, if an asshole shows up on my blog, I’ll just ban them, it’s easier.

  5. I think it’s funny that despite all the people who hate Disqus (not you, A Girl), the fact remains that by using third-part comment moderation software I have effectively avoided this problem with Blogger coding.

  6. You know I have issues with word verification…..LOL, I guess I need to do a post like yours and see if anyone comes back to read the comments I would have liked to have left.

  7. I noticed that too, and yeah, the words ARE harder. I did a couple throwing the number in and they went the first time…

  8. Verification off, I still approve comments so that’s not a problem for me. Blogger added them automagically, good thing you can turn them off.

    Hope E’s eye infection is nothing serious.

  9. Blogger keeps turning on the word verification for some reason. Not sure why, I know of a couple bloggers who’s turned it off, only to have it back again a few weeks later.

    I’ve been having trouble with it as well on Blogger blogs, I did find that doing the numbers (which you didn’t used to have to do) seemed to make it go through first try, though I suppose that could be luck….

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