Not much to report here from Camp AGirl. Friday night was teenage girls and the first high school football game of the year. Saturday the sexy Marine and I headed off to our first EMT class, basic CPR. Even though we both have taken classes and felt comfortable doing CPR much has changed, so it was good that we had the refresher. The instructors are awesome and we both are looking forward to the next one.

And then Sunday we finally got to meet Old NFO. We have been trying to get together for months and months. He met us and MSgt B at the range. Much fun was had by all. I am shooting swimmingly with my M&P. It’s funny because I made a few minor changes…Heinie sights, APEX trigger, removed the slide lock on the right side. Nothing monumental, but since I did that a month or so ago, my shooting has been dandy, but still in my mind I always see my Glock. If I dream about guns, it’s the Glock that shows up. I guess my subconscious hasn’t embraced the M&P just yet. Anyway, I also shot MSgt B’s Ruger a .357 magnum and Old NFO’s 1911, his .22 pistol which is just fun anyway you slice it and one of his revolver. For whatever reason I had a nice group shooting his revolver, but all the shots were high. Anyhoo, it was fun, fun, fun.

After, we went to lunch. If you get 3 military guys together that either haven’t seen each other for a long time or are meeting for the first time, war stories will be told. Fortunately, I enjoy hearing them. Again, throwing lead down range, friends, the Marine, lots of laughs and yummy food is pretty much my favorite way to spend any day.

Now, next month Keads and then I have my sights set on getting together with Murphy’s Law and Proud Hillbilly.

13 thoughts on “Finally

  1. Saturday the sexy Marine and I headed off to our first EMT class, basic CPR.

    You’re gonna have to narrow that down a bit. That describes pretty much all of us, you know.

  2. Dang it. Wish I could have come down on Sunday. But I’d have also had to deal with MSgt B being too handsy. So he says, anyway. 🙂

    • We missed you!! And MSgt B was all kinds of handsy. He could not stop pawing my hubby & Old NFO. it was embarrassing.

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