If This Is Winning

I often find myself in a quandary. I spend most of my time in terms of safety, focused on myself defense with a little focus on a zombie Apocalypse(although super fun to think about) or a real end of the world, the government is collapsing scenarios.

I am so new to this whole prepping thing that I am never sure how much of this talk is just hyperbole and how much is a valid. When I get done reading some people’s opinion I want to completely stop investing or doing anything other than building a compound somewhere and hunkering in, but I always think well if this isn’t the end of America my kids are gonna be pretty mad I spent all our money on stuff to make homemade bombs.

I honestly don’t know how bad things are or how much I should be worried. I have asked a few people that I think know, but I only get vague answers like, “I’d be ready” or “An AR-15 would be a good idea, but yet 2.” or “It’s coming.” Doesn’t help me. I have neither the experience or the education to truly access the situation, so I keep trying to find a balance between planning for a not so good situation and an all hells breaking loose one.

To be honest I am so far behind, I think what is the point. Is an extra bag of rice really gonna matter? One more box of ammo? Not when you only have 50 to begin with.

Most of the time I try to lull myself into believing that while things are not good, not good at all, we are still a few years away from a total world war or even civil one.

Then I get an email from a friend of mine. She and I were friends when we were kids. Actually, our mother’s were friends, so our families spent a lot of time together. A lot. We drifted over the years due to life, but last year her mother found me and we all reconnected. During one of our phone conversations(I called her, people) we discussed guns and all that. She was not against guns, but the entire idea of guns in her home with her kids was way, way, way to much for her to even process. The conversation on the phone made her uncomfortable. We are hundreds of miles a way and just me talking to her about my gun made her squirm. It was apparent in her voice. We never really spoke of it again.

Last month out of the blue, I got a text from her…”What kind of gun do you carry. I am thinking of getting one.” Of course I had the whole discussion about choosing a gun, what’s it for, and that her needs might be different than mine etc, but that isn’t the point. The point is she wanted a gun. Great.

Naturally, I wondered why now, so I asked. She never responded to that question for some reason other than to day it was for home defense.

Yesterday I get an email from her that says…

Just to have for defense in case the economy tanks or something changes drastically. I am not planning on carrying at this point. Just going to take lots of classes and going to become an ace shot. And pray to God I would never ever need it.

Now, I am worried. A person who spends no time thinking about the economy, the end of the world, prepping, Zombies or guns, is not only concerned enough to start the discussion but is actually taking action. Her and I are not close. We are friendly, we chat from time to time, but I would not say were “friends”. Yet, apparently, I am the only one in her circle that has a gun. Her distrust of her government has grown to the point that she contacted me and bought a gun.

Last month when I got the text,  I was excited. Good for her and good for me that I brought it up all those months ago(I always wondering if I talk too much about guns and bad guys), but then I thought, if this woman, is this concerned and even she is preparing for our government to turn on us, well, that is not a such good thing. That does not feel like winning.

That feels like losing, big time.

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  1. There needs to be a word or description between “acquaintance” and “friend”.

  2. Well, winning.. losing… those are “Game” terms.

    Survival is the bottom line. Next after that is the comfort / levels that improve until you reach the opulent luxury of middle class America: running water and reliable electricity and a car or 2 that are paid for and a house that is paid for.

    The insane liberal policies of the last 90 years or so that have reached ascendency are bankrupting our wonderful republic. I speak of the basic stupidity of rewarding failure and punishing success.

    That is what is responsible for us “losing” so far.
    I am hopeful that this fall’s election will send shock waves through the liberal community.

    • Yes, I using those terms because that is what I often see in this community and they are accepted lexicon and the meaning seems to be well understood with in it.

      I too hope the election will send shock waves.

  3. The fact is, no one really knows what’s coming. If they did, they’d be rich by now cashing in on their special skill to tell the future.

    It’s true that we as a nation are on an unsustainable course economically. A crash is coming if something drastic isn’t done to get the deficits under control. How long will it be before the crash? Could be next month, next year or next century. No one knows.

    What form will the crash take? Could be just a high unemployment rate, long lines at the gas station and supermarket and really high inflation. Could be Mad Max and the Road Warrior. No one knows.

    The fact is, anyone who tries to tell you “this is what’s going to happen” is full of it…and themselves.


  4. One of the best “reasonable” “survivalist” websites is (after mine of course 😉 ) http://www.thesurvivalpodcast.com he is not a “end of the world” kind of guy, but a stuff could happen be prepared sort of guy… (I gave up on the quotes)
    Check him out.

  5. I’m not much of a prepper, but have started to think that it wouldn’t be so bad to have some extra food or ammo around. Problem is, I keep shooting all my extra ammo and eating all the food 🙂

    RCC and I have found a great company we’re going to start using after we move called “Thrive” (www.shelfreliance.com) and they specialize in freeze-dried foods and such, so we’ll be able to build our food stockpile fairly easily – I think we’re planning on spending about $50/mo on our Thrive foods. I’ve tried them a couple of times and their food is GOOD. So much better than MREs 🙂

  6. Hmmm…..kind of odd, that one video was made back in the ’50’s.Today the threat seems to be what North Korea, Iran, China, and maybe even Russia could do regarding nuclear attack. Yet, I have heard nothing about sheltering or protecting oneself and or family. Makes one think that either there is no defensive proceedure in place OR it would be pointless in having such a thing. I dunno about you folks, but it sure seems to me that all is not right here. Or…..it could be that all this talk about Iran and etc. is all a bunch of hot air. That, I highly doubt. That leaves me wondering just what the hell is going on with our so called government.

  7. Well – we are trying to be prepared as possible. As mentioned above no one knows what is ahead.

    We have extra food, supplies, ammo but all that can only go so far. We have a garden and are getting some small livestock. With three boys and a husband to feed even if the world keeps turning it is only going to get more expensive to eat. The more self sufficient we can be the better.

    It is easy to fall into the let’s run and hide thought pattern – but seriously where are we going to go. People romantasice “bugging out” but where are you going to run to? Personally I feel better just being prepared as possible on my home turf for whatever comes. We have get me home bags and bug out bags – just as much for natural disaster use (tornado/fire) as anything else.

    A great blog I found is by Calamity Jane. She speaks to preparing for emergencies in general. Not just dooms day events. I’ll email the link since I can’t insert it here.

    • Well, you are one smart cookie. I know we have chit chatted about some of this before. Thanks again.

  8. A.G.: If you’re not a prepper yet, I’m surprised. The threat is real and it’s coming. I recommend http://www.survivalblog.com as a source of information. Read through it for just one month. If you’re not convinced, then stop reading. Invite Mr. AG and Arete to read. With their backgrounds, I believe they may agree with me. If not, no harm and no time lost. We can talk further.
    Semper Fi,

    • Steve, I am a prepped, now. I do have more than 50 boxes of ammo and a bag of rice, but I never really know how serious I need to be about it “right now!”

      I will read the link. Thanks so much!!

  9. A lot of people are buying guns out of some awkward feeling they have about the state of our country. Your friend is not a lone.

  10. I wrote a blog post about this here: http://schof.org/2012/05/25/a-new-kind-of-survivalism/

    But basically I think we’re at the end of the American Century, and the end of America as a major power. We’re still a major power, but that’s changing, and the change will be traumatic, probably for us and for the world.

    Nevertheless, it won’t be fatal. England was a major power, and now isn’t — but is still a major country. Same for France. Portugal…no longer a major country. I think we can expect a time of lowered expectations in our future, but not some doomsday scenario with Mad Max vehicles and driving off cannibals with your AK47.

    So my conclusion — do things that prepare you for emergencies, and improve your life at the same time. Don’t build a bomb shelter. Relax and enjoy life.

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