A Twist On Training

Arete and I have not been able to get hands on each other for a while. This makes me cranky because…

  • I just like to see him.
  • I love to fight.
  • I currently do not have a single bruise or sore muscle. There isn’t a slash mark to be found.
  • I haven’t learned anything new or added anything to the skills I currently have.

I know my order is all messed up and the last one should be first and the third one shouldn’t be in there at all, but sick or not, I love a good bruise and a knife wound makes me positively giddy.

Since the physical part of my training has slowed a bit I asked Arete if there was anything I could be doing to train on my own. Anything I could be working on to make me a better, more prepared person. He suggested I ask my kiddos to go into different rooms of the house and move things around to test and hopefully refine my observation skills. Usually my house is pretty organized(by pretty organized I mean meticulously cataloged, classified and placed), so I wondered how much of a challenge it would be, but fortunately for me(by fortunately I mean doing my best not to go insane), my house is under construction and in complete chaos which translated loosely can mean the perfect training environment.

My children are beyond thrilled that they can, without worry of consequence, move things I have deliberately placed somewhere. Also the thought of messing with mommy’s mind has them more delighted than when we go Funland. Either we go to Funland too much and they have become bored with it or they share their mother’s sadistic side. Hint: we have only been to Funland once.

As I type this they are randomizing my knick knacks. I will let you know how I do over the next several weeks. Wish me luck. Sending up a prayer that I will not harm any of my children during this exercise probably would also be helpful.

14 thoughts on “A Twist On Training

  1. Tell them to be subtle about it….a book that’s slightly pulled out, a piece of paper that’s turned 180-degrees, one single knick-nack that’s a little blt closer to the one next to it (or two that have swapped places). These are great exercises, but I alwyas worry that kids may be a bit too…..enthusiastic, and you’ll walk into a room to find the furniture nailed to the ceiling or a cat swinging from the fan…or, worse, a wardrobe that suddenly leads to an alternate universe….

    Oh, and pay no attention to the police cruiser that’s flipped over in your garage. That was there all along, we swear, Mommy!

    • Do you really think that I am that dense? I know I am new to this, but not that new. Even Arete did not feel a need to explain the point to me…I am looking to fine tunenmy skills not rearrange the furniture….lol the whole deal is about the subtle.

      I am mostly teasing you:)

  2. Sorry, gotta interrupt this great news that you are bruise-less but I had to let you know how your training is paying off for me and probably most of your readers.

    I’ve been carrying at work for almost a month. Still not one in the chamber, but at least Siggy is loaded. yeah, she’s heavy, and dressing around her is a challenge. Big boss told me at least 4 times today that I was showing, lol!

    Anyway, just now, hubby came home. I recognized the sounds of him pulling into the drive, getting out of the van. But his van door didn’t close like usual. Then I heard a voice say “I can’t get rid of them!” in an excited way. so, I go into full Gladys Kravitz mode, and decide to peek out the front window. but FIRST I say to myself “where’s Siggy, and is she loaded? Yes, I know where she is, and she is not loaded. I unloaded her and put her in a safe place tonight because I thought I’d have a grandson over. You’re in your pajamas, fool!” Window peek showed neighbor chatting with hubby, so all is good. But the best part is I remembered to mentally check for my gun.

    I know, some will say I should have had my gun on me…but dudes, I wear a nightgown (at bedtime, not at work!) As I get more used to carrying, and when I get my Shield, I will just carry all the time (except when around grandkids)

    So, AGirl, lesson well taught. Situational awareness, and debriefing how I coulda/shoulda is all due to you. Thanks!

    • Look at you! How awesome! Need to correct one tiny thing…the progress you are making is all you sweetie. Lots of people read my blog and many don’t make any changes. The steps you are taking are because of you and I mighty impressed!

      I don’t think anyone here is questioning your choice to have your gun on your body. If anyone suggests that you do, it is out of concern for you and a desire to help you be better prepared, but we are all proud of the steps you have taken thus far.

      You are doing fabulous!!!!!!

      • Thanks, but I really do credit you for my mindset. Yours was the first “girl gun” blog I found, and still the best. If I ask one of our cops about some gun things, they start talking way over my head, or I can see them saying to themselves “Who let this fool carry in the building?!” Here, it’s safe and educational.

        YOU MAKE ME THINK! Thanks!

        • You are too kind. I am so thankful that you feel safe here and that I am doing something positive that encourages you to take action and to think.

          I appreciate you being here. Thank you!

  3. That first sentence brought back memories of my 21ST birthday party. At the time, I was taking martial arts. I invited some of my classmates to the party including an attractive woman (who I later dated) and her boyfriend. By the time the showed up, I was already well past “good looking” and “strong” on the inebriation scale and making good progress on “bulletproof”. When I saw them come through the door, the brain filters were off and my first words were “Hey, I almost didn’t recognize you with you clothes on.” Her boyfriend was not amused.

    • Lol, that is a great story! Hilarious!

      I should clarify that while I have a deep and profound love for Arete there is only one super hero for me and that’s my husband. They both lay hands on me, but in very different ways. Arete roughs me up(always in a public park) which my husband never does and my husband well, you know(rarely in a public park;) which of course no one else does. I don’t think either would be amused to hear from anyone about me, “Hey, I almost didn’t recognize you with your clothes on”…lol

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