I Fell Off The Wagon

Or maybe back on it, not sure.

Some of you might remember that a while ago I had resolved to face my fears of talking on the phone. I publicly declared my intentions to call several bloggers who I had wanted to call, but was to much of a scardy pants to follow through.

Well, after I vowed to make those calls I did  follow through. I called several folks and had a lovely time, but then life got busy and I went back to my old ways of emailing and texting.

But, yesterday I got called on it, twice.

It may surprise you to know I have never spoke with Arete on the phone. I never call him. When I said the phone makes me uncomfortable I meant it. I am very comfortable around him, but I have never wanted to talk to him on the tele. If I want to talk to him I text him. Have I mentioned how much i like to text? But yesterday I said something he felt warranted a call. When he wants me to “hear” him he usually makes me look him in the eyes(not a fan) or he gets close to be sure I am tracking. I guess a phone call was the next best thing. My phone rings and I see Arete…hum, really? Don’t tell him, but for a brief second I thought about not answering.

I do answer.

Me- Uhh, hellll-o?

A- I called because first I want to make you talk on the phone and second…

The second part was personal and unimportant to this post, but I spoke on the phone for 5 minutes maybe. Impressive right?

The next person I spoke with I made the call. During that whole I am gonna call people thing several people sent me their numbers and said, “Hey call me too.” One gentleman in-particular I did want to talk to and I told him I would call, but shamefully I didn’t.

Wednesday night I get an email from him because he is having a problem leaving comments on the new blog and he wanted to know if I could fix it. He ended with, “I thought you were going to call me.”

My heart sank and I felt like a complete slug, so I emailed back and said I was sorry and I promised to call the next day. Yesterday afternoon I dialed the number and had the most delightful conversation with him

I think I am in love. We talked guns, politics, kids, we laughed, and we got all feisty over the state of some people’s attitudes.Unfortunately, there was some sad news. He informed me that he was sick. He suffers from a disease known as CRS.

I was unfamiliar with this particular ailment, so I asked, “Oh my, what is that?”

Can’t Remember Shit, he said.

I am kind of having fun with this!




19 thoughts on “I Fell Off The Wagon

    • Hey, I have called you before, admittedly it was a while ago, but remember that phone does go two ways:)

  1. You’re always welcome to burn a few minutes chatting with flyover country as well. 🙂 Number’s on the website.

    Enjoy your day!

  2. I don’t mind telemarketers calling because I hang up on them. I haven’t seen my sisters in over a year, but when the phone rings, I look at the caller I.D., say: “DAMMIT” and answer. I hate the lull in the conversation where one of us has to say something and I am NOT a verbal person.

    My leg could have fallen off that morning, but I’d not mention it.

    On the phone, I’m a mime, and extremely uncomfortable.

    • I don’t even answer the home phone, ever. Only me cell.

      I hate the awkward silence too, but I am getting better and being comfortable enough to talk and not have the silence.

  3. CRS is also known as Cranial Rectal Syndrome. 🙂

    I hope I am posting these comments right. I hope you know who this is. 🙂 LOL

    The only person you need to answer to is yourself. You gave it a shot and got busy. But even if you didn’t call all tthe people you said you’d call, you made an effort towards getting over that thing. So you still deserve kudos for that.

    And it isn’t as scary as you think. 🙂

  4. I hate talking on the phone. I text, e-mail, or drink beer and eat burgers with, but don’t like talking on the phone. I think it’s a leftover from years when my job involved all day long every day phone ringing followed by so many phone calls concerning my mother. Reverse Pavlovian Response.

  5. I thought we had a terrific conversation the one time we spoke on the telephone… but then again that’s been so long ago… the phone company has now upgraded to push-button phones… lol…

    Dann in Ohio

    • I enjoyed it too. Very easy, comfortable, no awkward silence, but again once I make the call it’s on…the whole building a friendship thing Is a two way street as are the phone lines:)

  6. The only time I really like phone calls is between 630 and 830 am and 430 an 630 pm. Helps me pass
    The time driving to an from work.

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