Quick Updates

Wanted to let you know my Glock Guy had surgery on Monday and all went well. He is home now, so hopefully this will be the first of many successful milestones on his way to a full recovery.

A few people have emailed asking about my ribs. They are healing nicely. Still sore, especially in the mornings or after a run, but very manageable.

Our latest contest winners are working on setting up their shooting classes. I think one of them will be coming here to Virginia to take a course at FPF Training. I really hope that works out!

Umm, that is all I have. For some reason when I started this post, I thought I had more things to update. Guess not.

***Edit*** I took down the post Trigger Work because my son and husband do not think I accurately described what happened at the range and my hubby in-particular felt that I should give a more accurate picture.



10 thoughts on “Quick Updates

  1. Glad to see your done milking that injury. your training partner must be a real JERK!


      • Yeah you must be crazy he seems like an ASS as I was once told and not a jerk… Hope your trigger issues work out well and next time you train combatives you leave several brusies and welts all over that fool!

        • Lol, well neither he nor I have ever cared much what other people said, so ass or not I’m sticking with him:)

          Trigger is all worked out. The hubby was right, I misspoke and as usual took the blame for something that wasn’t. Thanks!

  2. Hope your Glock guy is back up to full speed soon.

    You hitting the range this weekend? Shoot me a text and I’ll drop off the Firefly episodes. Don’t think I’ll have the time for any trigger work.

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