With Friends Like These…

Here are the emails, texts and comments I have received over the past 24 hours..

White sunglasses…Uh, NO!

Tinted sunglasses with white frames-facepalm

What were you thinking?


My lord, it’s hard to type while giggling so hard.

Wish I had caught you at the range wearing those white frames, they look like something from the dollar store at Virginia Beach.

Your annoyingly dorky.( At least that one was followed by “it is part of your charm”.)

Next time just ask for help.

And my personal favorite…

I can’t believe we let you dress yourself.


40 thoughts on “With Friends Like These…

  1. Dangit, I was gonna start humming the tune to “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” (by that guy who sang whatever the title of the song is….yeah, whatsisname). John beat me to it in only three words (and an emoticon)!

  2. Are you serious? Not very polite. All the more reason to rock those white glasses.

    I won’t wear white unless I have to; it makes me look fantastically cadaverous. But I thought the glasses where fun and chic. And if I had a pair of glasses like that for shooting, I might be able to lure my best friend to the range, because she’d be assured of looking as fabulous as always.

  3. Can’t say much here… I was country, when country wasn’t cool… We were gun enthusiasts, when being gun enthusiasts wasn’t cool…

    Yes, there is still a red and black plaid hunting jacket in the back of the closet…

    My range bag is a soft-sided tool bag I picked up at Lowe’s like ten years ago… and I know… it’s tan, not BLACK! What was I thinking?

    Dann in Ohio

  4. Well I supose you should never use me as a fashion consultant – I think they look just fine on you. I’d say if they want to tap you about the glasses, they should pony up and post a link to photo of themselves in their range glasses . . . . .

  5. My work has just started giving us the military issue Oakleys.
    I love ’em!
    Fit me perfect and I have a big head. Also you can’t beat the price!

  6. AGirl, you know I love ya, I really do…in a fellow-gun-girl kinda way…but when I saw the glasses, I snorted Diet Coke and thought “Casey Anthony much?!” YOU look fine, it’s just that she ruined white sunglasses.

    To show that I’m no fashionista myself, I’ll send you a pic of me wearing a verry feminine girly girl dress….with my new thigh holster and Sigma. Gotta get dressed up when Ultra Bad Guy makes an appearance in court. (I’m not really worried about him, our prison system provides him with plenty of restrains to play with, but it makes my boss feel better.) I decided a thigh holster would be best for dress…I find those “Here, bad guy, hold on while I flash you and draw from my bellyband under my skirt” moments so embarrassing!

    Being brave=not afraid to look silly. Dang, I’m VERY brave every day!

  7. Still think you should rock those bad boys daily, and when folks give you a hard time, just mention that they’re made from the eye sockets of the last putz to laugh at your glasses. And that the aforementioned putz, whilst still breathing, is no longer laughing. And smile sweetly while you say it.

  8. Oh, I will jump in and say you look fine with those. As long as you come back from the range with both eyes I don’t care what they look like! Are we worried about a Vogue shoot or a USCCA photo shoot?

  9. I kinda liked them, although I admit I was waiting for the mini, go-go boots and the beehive hair do. Which you totally could rock!

  10. A nice smile to go with the glasses and all will be well. What I don’t understand is why people that have nothing to say don’t have the sense to not say it.

    • Your very nice. They were being nice too. The people saying those things are my friends and were just being silly. One of those lines isn’t even about the sunglasses, we were joking about something else. I put the post up just to be silly.

      That’s not to say they didn’t mean it:)

  11. Like Jayne’s hat.

    Speaking of which, you’ve seen all the Firefly episodes, right?
    You can borrow my DVD if you haven’t.

    I had to post something to see if the changes Barron made help.

    • Have never even heard of Firefly. I really am way out of touch with TV. Trying to catch up on movies and good show though.

      Hope what Barron did worked!

      • “Firefly” totally rocks!!! if you have at least a passing interest in sci-fi or western (or both!), combined with snark, you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO watch “Firefly”! Then watch the movie, “Serenity”, but bring a hanky.

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