Five Guns

Monty On Guns wrote a post called “Five Guns That Changed History”.  He had read an article with the same title, but decided he did not agree with the findings, so he made his own list. Last night I was watching the Military Channel’s Ultimate Weapons. They were listing their top gun choices for close quarter battles which reminded me of Monty’s post, so  I posted that on my FB. Monty liked my status and commented, “Can’t wait to see your list.”

I don’t really have a list for guns that changed history or that I would use if I were in a close quarter military type battle, but I do have my favs.  Here is goes…

5. M1 Garand- Love the history, love the look, love the feel.

4. Mosin-Nagant- Love the history, love the look, love the feel.

3. M1 Garand- Love the kick

2. Mosin-Nagant- Love the kick

1. Tie between the M1 Garand & Mosin-Nagant- They make me happy…REALLY, REALLY HAPPY!!!

Honorable mention-the M&P that sits on my hip-it’s a fairly good equalizer.

18 thoughts on “Five Guns

  1. I can help ya with the M1. 🙂 I have 2 of em. A 1942 Springfield and a 1944 Springfield. 🙂 Just come on down here to shoot em!

  2. I love shooting my Mosin, and bein the history nut that I am, I would LOVE to get my grubby paws on a classic Garand. Third on my list would be a scoped (of course!) Springfield 1903, followed closely by a BAR and/or FG-42.

  3. Just bought my first “Tomato Stake” this past weekend. It looks unused! Bright shiny bore and nearly unscared wood. I will feed it tomorrow and see if it wants to stay with us. got several kinds of “Mosin Chow” to choose from.

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