An Update- “You Make It Sound So Easy”

Remember the woman who left a comment on my blog and said “you make it sound so easy”? Well, she did connect me right after that post and we have been chit chatting. She wanted me to tell you all that she is doing ok. At that time I encouraged her to think about finding someone she could talk to because as much as I wanted to help, I was not qualified to do so. She was already ready to take that step and she did find a support group at a local hospital. She says it has been a fabulous place for her and she finds hope and strength there.

I think that she is incredibly brave to have reached out and amazingly strong to face this ugliness head and to not take the easy way. To not just sit back and suffer, but to fight the fight and find her way back.

She is not ready to post here again. She said someday she hopes to share her story with all of you, but she just can’t do that yet. She does read the blog though, so feel free to offer her words of support.

I will start. You know this already, but I am so, so, very proud of you!! Your determination to fight for your own life is an inspiration. I know it has been a much longer struggle for you, but you have not given up and for that you should be mighty proud. I am beyond thankful that you left a comment and I am so thankful that I get to be on this journey of healing with you!

7 thoughts on “An Update- “You Make It Sound So Easy”

  1. I am proud of you too! Taking a step towards healing is never easy but so very worth it. Healing is not a one time event, it is a life time adventure full of many twists and turns that you never expected were there. Right now it may seem overwhelming and frightening at times but take it one step at a time. Thank you for reaching out to Girl and finding a local support group.

  2. It is often difficult for a victim of a violent crime to come to terms with what happened. Sexual Assaults are particularly difficult for victims due to the societal norms and the victims self perceptions. Many of these crimes go unreported, regrettably a large percentage of them are committed by someone know to the victim. For a violent crime victim, particularly a sexual assault victim to finally say “enough” and to enter a support group is an enormous accomplishment. It is also the truest course to personal healing and recovery. I’ve worked more violent crimes and rapes of children and women than I will ever discuss. Thorough all of this my compassion towards victims has never wavered nor has my encouragement to them or sense of pride when one takes the witness stand and courageously tells there story. I wish you nothing but the very best and encourage your continued recovery.

  3. Surviving it not for the weak. Be proud of yourself for progress and remember that each day is a new start. Strenght and courage are to be admired and respected…hang in there!

  4. Mrs. Groundhog said it best and she is so right! and it may seem overwhelming and frightening but this too, will pass as you learn to heal and believe in yourself. there are a lot of good people out there who will be able to help and you have already made several steps in the right direction! i wish my sincerest best to you and hope that you will one day be able to help another. God Bless!

  5. Agree with all of the above. Getting into a group is a HUGE step in the right direction; don’t worry about posting your story, its yours to tell or not, and no matter which you decide, there’s a gunny community who’re behind you through it all. Because…as NFO said, giving up is letting the bad guys win. You’re not giving up…and we’re gonna do our best to help make sure they don’t win!

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