This morning my husband and I were laying in bed when our lovely daughter A, starts screaming for help. She is in the shower and needs more cream rinse. I get up and tend to her needs. When I get back to bed my husband starts whining in his best little A voice, “help me”. I said “You want help.” “Sure, I will help you.” “I will help you wake up”, and I start to kind of poke him and tickle him. I have a tactical advantage here because I am not the least bit ticklish anywhere.

This does wake him right up and he grabs my wrist and without thinking I remember exactly how to twist my wrist in and down and wouldn’t you know it, right out my hand comes. I am so excited I start doing the smack talk thing and I grab his wrist. He is a little more determined now and he grabs both my wrists and jumps on top of me, but I am able to free one hand and tickle him. Things kind of fall apart at this point because we are laughing so hard.

A few minutes later I see my pen sitting next to my bed and I decide to test his situational awareness and see if I can stab him in the neck. This is more me being the “bad” guy then a defensive strategy, but I am amped up from my earlier success and I have a desire to play some more.

We are casually chit chatting when I grab him and artfully jab him several times in the neck and try to sweep his legs out from under him, but he has good balance and he wrestles me to the bed. Giggling too much thwarts any further success by me.

The kids are all awake and we do the mommy and daddy thing. A few minutes later my husband reaches over, gentle grabs my wrist and pulls me into him and he hugs me. He is being sweet. I like being there. I will admit to a very brief urge to knee him in the groin, slam his head on my leg and toss him to the ground, but since I’m not really ready for the counter attack to that particular “drill” I decided to suppress that urge. Plus, I am extremely fond of his groin area.

My husband said this morning.s escapades are not exactly how June Cleaver sent Ward off to work. To which I responded, “I am not June Cleaver.”

I am so ready to move a little past the crawl phase.

29 thoughts on “Motivated

  1. I thought we were going to get our first R-rated post from AGirl. lol

    It shows your instincts are kicking in, but you gotta know when to NOT use them too. I’m sure Mr. AGirl appreciates you not kneeing him in the groin!

    Those wrist grabs are part of the techniques I learned in Combat Hapkido, along with a lot of other escapes (Bear hug, hair grabs, arm grabs, etc). I could totally see you doing that with both of you in your nightwear. I pictured that you both WERE in nightwear. 😉

  2. i guess i am the one with the mind in the gutter cuz i pictured you both nekkid – bahahahahah!

    your friend,

  3. Lolololololololol, so funny! I can say I honestly did not see the comments going this way. It was probably less erotic for me as I had kids running around at the time, but I like the way you people think…I see more “training” in my near future. Wonder if I can arrange sleepovers for the munchkins tonight.

    • agirl – almost right from the beginning of reading this post, i thought – i don’t think she sees where most of us are going to see this going. and to be honest – i thought it would be titillating at best – but you went right into soft p*rn there at times – bahahahahahah! oh so sorry but just had to tell ya!

      your friend,
      (still laughing – bahahahahah!)

    • Hahahahahahhahahaha, is right. Well, I guess if this gun blogging thing doesn’t work out, I can always try my hand at writing for Penthouse. Is that soft or hard p*rn?

  4. So, yeah, I just reread it from a different perspective, you know, the Pervy one and I see your point.

    As I just told North, I am either not as pervy as I thought I was or I am so pervy, I can’t even recognize soft p*rn when I write it.

  5. Pervy? That’s TMI. Earthy? Maybe so. A rough and tumble scrapper? Yep, that would be you. Remember these. Where the head goes the boddy follows. Teeth are a sharp edged weapon. Thumb’s are for gouging. Hand claps to both ear’s will make godzilla drop.

  6. Nope…no longer reading this blog at work. Actually…I’m gonna stop reading this blog anywhere except where there’s soft candle-light and low mood music playing in the background. Now…where’d that lighter go…

  7. Yeah, I was giggling, but the part about stabbing your husband in the neck made me read it twice. After reading this, I can’t see how you couldn’t see this crowd taking it down the perv path. 🙂

    • It was just a pen…lol I used the end that has that clicky side and I stabbed him like 3 times…click, click, click. I think technically I am suppose to slice his neck, but I forgot:)

  8. Guess we will have to start the next stage of training still crawling, but we will increase the level of the crawl, and add in a few more strikes and throws. Keep up the great work.

    “Brothehood thru pain”


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