I Will Never Learn

Several months ago Miller arranged a blogger get together up at the NRA range, but I was heading to Tennessee to take the Cornered Cat class, so I missed it.  Then Sean planned a get together at the Appleseed event in North Carolina and I was going to get to meet him, Keads, and several other really neat and generous folks, but E was really struggling and I just couldn’t leave her.

A few weeks ago Weer’d announced he was coming to Virginia and asked if any of us in The Commonwealth would want to meet up and, of course, I said, yes, yes, yes!  Most of you know that I am in love with Weer’d(in a completely appropriate internet stalking kind of way) because he went through the incredibly painful process of teaching me the difference between single action/double action and because he was so darn nice to me when I thoroughly embarrassed myself with the whole tongue punch debacle.  I truly thought I had a pervy mind, but mine pales in comparison to his…love that about him. Unfortunately, since my mind doesn’t go there, I made comments on his post based on what I thought a tongue punch was. If, unlike me, you actually do know what a tongue punch is and then you read my comments you would think my mind was way beyond pervy and more like twisted criminal.  I had mentioned what I wrote to my 20 year old son, who said, “Mom, that is not what tongue punch means.”  “This is what it means”

I think I turned white. Terror. Sick to my stomach, Oh my goodness! What have I done??  This is not good.  In what turned out to be a junior highish exchange, I emailed North in a panic who then emailed Weer’d who then emailed me and only moderately laughed at my naivety and then promptly removed my comments. A man like that I want to meet, but that is when we lost Newbius so it wasn’t to be.

While on vacation in the Outer Banks last month, I thought I might get an impromptu meeting with Brock, but that to did not come to fruition either.

This past weekend I was scheduled to attend the Appleseed event here in Virginia and was to meet a man who I have been emailing with and who has been very nice to me, but that is when my new job started…foiled again.

After all of those let downs, you would think I would learn not to get my hopes up, but I am stubborn and hard headed(proof…as we speak my legs are crossed.  I know they are not supposed to be, but in an act of rebellion, I am keeping them crossed) so I am bouncing off the walls excited that this Saturday, fingers crossed, I will get to not only meet, but also shoot with MSgt B from My Muse shanked me(also a perv), Nancy, CTone, and Broken Andy.  No Old NFO which breaks my heart, but he has an open invitation to come have dinner at my house, so hopefully soon.

Praying this puts an end to my blogger get together drought!!

I had planned to take a Rape Prevention seminar, but it would have meant being gone all day and now that I am working weekends, I decided to stick closer to home.  This will be a nice compromise.

33 thoughts on “I Will Never Learn

  1. We have never done something like that before. A blog meet up! I’ve been blogging for years and it’s funny to see things have changed just in those years.

    Anywho, Kirk mentioned he wanted to meet up with one of the next DFW, Texas ones that gets set up. So I think I’m up for that! I would never have thought it possible until recently.

  2. I missed the last TX one since I was in another state, but I really want to get together with some bloggers in meat-space.

    • Where in Texass do ye be? Lewisville has a nice gun show this weekend that the wif’ and I (and probably the munchkin…so we’ll be the ones toting a loaded 3-year-old around without any trigger locks or anything) are planning on visiting.

    • We’re quite a few hours SW in Kerrville. I have one of those 3-year-olds as well and there should be some kind of law… We just got back from a long road trek so we’re going to be home-bodies for a little while. I will have to keep in mind when we’re up that way.

    • Yeah, we hit Houston last weekend. Stopped at Woody’s BBQ on the way home, just in time to catch a world-class tantrum over the lollipop stand just inside the door. Yay. Managed to get everyone calmed down a bit, got some EXCELLENT beef jerky (and elk…man, that’s some good, tender stuff!), a sammich, and headed out. But yeah, long trips with the munchkin are….fun.

      If y’all happen to have a blog-o-shoot down thataway, let us know!

  3. I’ll be driving the Tail of the Dragon on Saturday.
    If there is shooting involved, it should be a good time.

  4. This afternoon, I read this post. Then I got pulled away for a bit.

    Now, I’m a worldly sort. I consider myself fairly knowledgeable. But I asked North what that phrase meant.

    Yeah. I’m sure my face was as red as my hair for a moment.

    • Lol. I had made reference to this before, but was to embarrassed to explain it. I don’t think anyone paid attention, but I have received several emails, FB messages and a text from others who were unfamiliar with the term. Who knew I would be educating folks on the finer points of…well, you know:)

  5. I’ll never learn when it comes to today’s “youthful jargon.” I adopted a sixteen-year-old girl almost five years ago, and THAT was when the education REALLY started–for both me and my wife.

    I know all about “best intentions” when it comes to meeting other gun-bloggers. This past weekend (April 21) was supposed to be a Dallas/Texas gun-bloggers shoot, and as usual, last minute complications kept me AWOL.

    However, this fall, I’m planning on cranking up my beloved Cessna and heading up towards NYC to see my best friend, and I’m flight-planning a long, easy route to stop at strategic locales where I know gun-bloggers are located. Murphy’s Law is on the itinerary, as is OldNFO.

    I love Virginia (we used to live in Rocky Mount, North Carolina) and have some friends from Cast Boolits in the VA area, so it will be on the approach pattern.


    • A 16 year old…I knew you had adopted, but an older child I wasn’t aware. Very cool!

      Well, if there is anyway I can sneak in on your visit with Old NFO, let me know:)

    • Its just a dictionary, no photos or anything (that I’ve seen so far). Heh. If you want a perverted laugh sometime, look up “angry pirate” on urbandictionary. Just sayin’.

    • RabidAlien is right, for finding stuff out like this it’s a lot safer than just typing something into Google and wincing as you hit enter.

  6. “I truly thought I had a pervy mind, but mine pales in comparison to his.”

    Having roomed with him for the NRA convention I can’t say I’m surprised.

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