Training Failure

Yesterday I got a text from Arete and it said something like…”uncross your legs”. Actually, it said that exactly. I found this annoying and told him I was going to hit him.

Again, in hindsight probably not the best thing to say since one, he wants me to hit him and two, he would probably hit me back, but it was a text, so I felt safe talking a little smack. He just laughed and mocked me. He said, “Why, you know you are standing there with your feet crossed or standing like a flamingo.” That was followed by “Being annoyed is good.” “Hitting is better.”

Both he and John are in my head. I can hear their voices. I am a little like Cybil right now. Good news is that I didn’t cross my legs much today. Bad news I am beginning to look like I have some kind of seizure issue because I will start to cross my legs, realize it and then stop my leg midair and put it back down, sometime throwing myself off balance. If I do this while having a conversation with someone who doesn’t read my blog, I try to play cool and just keep talking. After the third time tho, the people start to look at me funny and one person actually took a step back.

I am not sure my training is working for me the way I had hoped.

27 thoughts on “Training Failure

  1. Training is traaaaiiiinnnning. It takes time. And repetitive motion.

    Just not unbalanced wacky leg dancing.

    You’ll get there.

    • Not cross my legs is a much bigger issue then I thought because not only is it a habit, it’s comfortable. On Sunday, I concentrated very hard to not cross my legs and my back hurt because I am not used to standing that way. Not big deal. It wasn’t massive pain or anything, just saying:)

  2. Go ahead and hit him, just use a brachial plexus never strike with the bottom of your fist. Properly applied he will not be telling you to hit harder or to hit him again. I promise. Practice with your husband using only light tap’s, he’ll still feel it and can tell you if you’re making contact in the correct spot.

  3. LOL I was reading SportPilot’s post, and my first thought was “don’t hit him with a brachial plexusmajigger, hit him with a baseball bat! It’ll do more damage.” Yeah, my mind goes weird places.

    The fact that you’re aware of when your legs try to cross, and you actively move to uncross them (even in the middle of them crossing in the first place) means the training is effective. Habits don’t change instantaneously. It takes time, and solid effort. Eventually, it will be an unconscious act, and your mind/body will uncross before they even start to cross. So just let it happen…and try to get your husband to get a video of someone getting that weird look in their eye as they slooooowly…back…away…

    • that right?? I can’t remember these things, but basically funny! I should totally show up with a baseball bat:)

      He actually said the same thing…takes time to break a habit and being aware is one step closer to doing just that. I’m lucky because I have so many people bringing it to my conscience mind. The guys at the range helped me, my husband…it’s nice to have that kind of help. Speeds up the process.

      I am not really annoyed ether…just being funny.

    • Yeah, I know how frustrating it is to break a habit…trying to break myself of several bad ones right now, myself (least of which is my reliance on caffeinated beverages such as coffee {sprinkled with hot chocolate to kill that gawdarful taste} and Mt Dew). Oooooh, I would kill for a Dew right about now….its a very tough struggle to resist…I find myself reaching for spare change, and have to pull my hand out of my pocket. Sometimes its funny, sometimes its annoying.

    • Just remember if you do give in and drink a Mt. Dew…DO NOT CROSS YOUR LEGS. But if you are trying not to for some reason, then don’t:) I believe in you!!!,

    • I do read the BLOG but I am extremely happy with the steps and strides you are making (EXCEPT when your feet are CROSSED, or you take the modified combat Flamingo stance). Subtle changes are often easy, long time habits are not.

      “Brotherhood thru Pain”


  4. It’s easy to want to reach for the comfort zone, especially in situations where you’re not comfortable. Got to find that spot where you’re comfortable physically so emotionally/mentally you’re feeling comfortable. It’s totally normal.

    But soon, you’ll realize your strengths and know that you can be comfortable without the crossed legs. You’ll feel more stable, reassured, confident, and prepared when you’re in a non-crossed stance. It sounds like it is already taking hold. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks I know your right. It is a little tough to relax around a guy who’s philosophy is “Brotherhood Thru Pain”, but I am working on it:)

  5. Actually, i think there is an ancient kung fu technique that starts with your legs crossed.
    i’m sure you could turn it into some sort of hidden death kick or ninja flip!
    just check with that Ninja’s R Us place down at the mall.

    seriously though, i’m sure it will come in time.
    i enjoy your blog. came over from HOTR. keep ’em coming!

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