Real Quick

Today, Newbius invited me to the range.  I really don’t have words to explain how crazy fun it was, but since this is a blog about guns, I will sure as heck try to find them, but I have this crazy day, so not now, but soon,

However, I wanted to take a quick second to say, that apparently I have been a bit neive in my internet interactions(you would think with the extent to which I go to protect and prepare myself, I would have though this through) and in the past two days have had things happen that made me have decided to be a bit more annomous then I have been.

I realize that I have made some mistakes that might be hard to pull back, but I did remove some comments, some posts and some pictures.  If you read a post that seems like it should have a picture, but doesn’t, it is because I took it down.  I hope to be able to edit those and get them back up, but it wont be before January.

One more quick thing, if you happen to know my real name, please do not use it on this blog or my FB page and please help me by speaking of where I live in much more generic terms, ie the state of Virginia and not much beyond.

I have no intention of living in fear, but there are certainly things I can do, to add another layer of awareness and protection.

Thanks for your help in this.

12 thoughts on “Real Quick

  1. Oh, man! He didn’t give you pizza? Look, we all like Newbius, he’s a nice guy. But if he won’t share his pizza with you, maybe we’ll have to speak to him.

    His wife is pretty nice too.

    So can we start counting you in on future blogmeets?

  2. Facebook is the epitome of all that is wrong with the intarwebz. Even if you do everything right, your friends might not have the same level of caution that you do. I am very close to pulling my FB page down for this reason.

    As for the other thing: Yes, I held out on you. I do make a half-decent pizza, and have been known to share it with people. I think I might even be making pizza for about 20 college students later in the week. You are welcome to pop in for a slice or 10. Until I go commercial with it, I even share out my recipes. 😀

    I truly enjoyed meeting you today. Hopefully, next time we can arrange it so our spouses can also come shooting. It will have to be in January though.

    All the best,


  3. Lol Sean, thanks for having my back. I would love to be included in your blog meets. I have not had the pleasure of meeting his wife, but she has a smoking’ 1911 and she was kind enough to let him, let me shoot it.

    Newbius, I am gonna forgive you for the pizza, but only because you are so nice have given me lots of extremely helpful info about shooting and whatnot.

    I am totally gonna get me some of that pizza one of these days those.

    Yes, I would love to meet your wife and I think you would like my husband very much.

  4. I’m sorry that something has made you feel as though you need to be more anonymous. Shoot. I was hoping to be able to get together with you next summer when we visit my in-laws in VA. Oh well. Now, about this 1911 and a pizza recipe…

  5. Enjay, I am not going into hiding. I have very much enjoyed meeting others in this community, so I would not say it is out of the question for us to meet.:)

  6. I think most of us are ok with a little anonymity. Other than Sean, Robb, and a few others, most of us use a nomme de guerre of some sort. Its not that we have security issues, but it doesn’t hurt to make it a little difficult. As my Grandad used to say, discretion is the better part of valor. Keep it up, you give a good read.

  7. It just truly sucks that this is how it has to be. I completely understand. As Wolfman said, most people are very cautious and anonymous. I’ve been particularly paranoid in my postings and profile. I set up a gmail account specifically to post on the blog that was anonymous and unrelated to my normal mail. That way if things got stupid, I could just delete it and get another. The best thing you can do is just do what you’re doing and over time you’ll know who you can trust and reach out to. Newbius is also correct, FB is the devil.

  8. 45er, it is mostly a proactive thing. I don’t want to get into the details here, of course, but I am ok. No one is messing with me:)

    Thanks for the advice!

    Wolfman, my mom used to say, let’s just keep the honest people honest. I do love a good valor reference tho.

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