I Must Have Been A Very Good Girl This Year

We are having a unique Christmas this year and it required us to open our gifts before the 25th.  Of course, Santa will still be visiting, but all other gifts were opened up this past Saturday.

This is what I got…

 A range bag.  This is large and I have no clue what some of the compartments are for, but I am looking forward to figuring it out.

This is my Bug Out Bag!! I think this is awesome.  I have wanted one for a few months now which is funny because I honest to goodness, I had never ever heard this term before.  I think I saw a video Lima did when I very first started on this journey and I kept saying what is she talking about.  I asked my husband, who laughed and explained.  Then I laughed and said, all you people are paranoid…lol  Now, I am kind of obsessed with getting myself and my family prepared for whatever may lie ahead.

I have been looking for a while for the right backpack to fit my needs and just haven’t liked anything out there.  When I went on the search and rescue team for little Robbie, I took my husband’s backpack.  His backpack is actually for a computer, but I love it because the straps have so much cushion on them, no matter how full I fill that thing, it is comfy on my shoulders.  Plus, it has every kind of pocket imaginable and for what I carried during that time, it worked great.  I didn’t want to us it for a Bug Out Bag though because I wanted to be able to use it for daily things.  Not that I use it daily, but I want my BOB to be stocked and ready to go, not something I pack and unpack.

The bag that my husband found is actually another computer bag and it’s perfect.  It is currently empty, but again, I am looking forward to it filling it up.

 Love this book.  Already have like 3 posts I want to write about it.

 Speed loader.  It is probably one of the first purchases most new shooters buy, but I am a bit of an odd duck.  I like cleaning my gun and I like loading my magazines by hand.  It doesn’t hurt my fingers and the time doesn’t bother me, except for when I am training and or my hands are cold.  This will help a lot for those times.

This is my favorite gift!!

My husband got me these things, I think to just make sure I remember I am a girl.  He likes that about me.

My kids got me this because they think it is fun to annoy me:)

All and all a pretty good year for me!

Hope all of you have a very safe and Merry Christmas!!

7 thoughts on “I Must Have Been A Very Good Girl This Year

  1. Thanks North for the link. I will check it out when I back from the range with Newbius (http://Newbius.blogspot.com)

    ponirgirl, I did remember that you said you sent me some things for my bag, but I didn’t want to announce that without checking with you first. I am beyond excited and you are much to kind!

    That-guy, I suspect you are right. There are a lot of goodies out there.

  2. Ranges bags are funny things. No matter what size you get you will fill it. I have 3 range bags. I like to have the option to grab a small bag since some of my range trips are down and dirty quick trips. If you choose to do smaller bag options, make sure and have eye and ear protection in every bag (just in case). BOBs are good thing to have. I have a small one with essentials, but my wife put together a ginormous bug out kit since we have kids. We have 3 flat containers in addition to my BOB which tends to contain the firearm related things plus a day or two worth of essentials. I’d love to be able to shop like that for the wife.

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