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This post is mostly for those of you, who like me, are new to the world of guns and self defense.  Not that this information isn’t useful to everyone, but I think those that have been around the gun world for a while, already know this and do not need the catching up that some of us do.

There are so many wonderful blogs on guns out there and if you are serious about growth you should take the time to visit as many of them as you can.  I have a blog roll of my most visited and the ones that have helped me, but we are not all the same, so your best most comprehensive list can be found on Gun Blog Black List.

I have visited several and have learned so much.  There are blogs on every single aspect of guns you can imagine.  You may not like them all, but if you click around enough, you will find one or two or ten or fifty that speak to you.  I promise you it is worth the effort.

I think I have been fairly clear on my opinion of Lima and the Cornered Cat.  It is very wise of you to go join both of their FaceBook pages and seek out their other resources: books, YouTube videos, newsletters, etc.

What I have learned has been well documented.

However, I am writing this post because there are 2 places I would really like to send you.  Again, I visit several blogs and they have all been invaluable to me for one reason or another, but if I am looking for no bull, I need to understand this, kind of knowledge I go to Guns, Guns and Gosh Darn More Guns and Weer’d World

Guns, Guns, Gosh Darn More Guns, author doesn’t post all that much, but I subscribe to his blog and I am never disappointed when he posts.  In fact, quite the opposite. I am always thrilled because I learn a ton and I have honestly used his guidance and information in my life as it relates to guns.

I have run across so many blogs that have helped me and that I have learned from, but for me, these two blogs are first and foremost written by guys who know what they are talking about and second, I can understand it.  Neither writer talks down to anyone, yet they both break down very complex(at least complex to me) gun issues, to a more basic easy to understand useful level.

That is not to say I understand everything they write.  I don’t.  My learning curve is large.  I do not say that to insult anyone who has much to learn(as I do), it is just to say that anything new often takes work and time to grasp and guns are no different.

Eventually, if I ever master this blog thing I will be able to post permanent links to these two articles on my side bar.

Selecting A Handgun For Defense 
I truly believe this is the best, most comprehensive, straightforward article on purchasing a gun and even if you are not in the market currently for a gun, the information is most valuable.
I Call Her Eleanor
This may not be the most significant of a post on the surface, but it is the first one I read of Weer’d Beard’s and it was the first one that made me want to search more of his writings and I am grateful that I have.

I think both of these articles are extremely useful and informative, but even if they are not relevant to you for whatever reason, they give you a sampling of these two gun guys.  Smart, knowledgeable, no BS(that is as close to cussing as I get) direct, and passionate. Can’t really ask for anything more.

If you are serious about learning from quality people, you should start by visiting these two blogs and then go back to The Gun Blog Black List and spend much more time clicking. 

Hope to see you around the blogesphere…

5 thoughts on “Blogs, Blogs and Gosh Darn More Blogs

  1. I can only ditto Weer’d’s words, I’m glad you find some of my ramblings useful.

    Keep up the good work.


    Love the title of this posting 😉

  2. One more thing, regarding links to the postings:

    Go to design, select “add gadget”, select “HTML/Java Script, type the text of the blog/post etc., copy the URL of that post from the desired blog, and then the java/HTML box, find the little green ball with the chain link and click on that, input the URL in that field, save.

  3. JD, thank you for the blog links. I will be visiting them for sure.

    Thank very much for the blog design help. I don’t think I would have figured that out for awhile…lol

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