Whatcha Wanna Know Wednesday

What is the most valuable thing you have learned since you got your gun?

This is such a vast question and there are so many ways I could go with trying to answer it.  I have learned so much about guns and laws and holsters and the undead, but the most valuable, what is the most valuable thing I have learned?

I guess the most valuable thing I have learned is a deeper understand of me.

I have learned so much about myself.  Not only about who I want to be, but who I already am.

I have learned that I have an aggressive side and I like it.

I have learned to stand up for myself and not just when my life is in danger. I am not super good at this, but I am on my way.

I have learned I can be feminine and carry a big gun.

I have learned that I love to learn about guns.  I seriously can not get enough.  I thought it was all driven by fear, but it isn’t.  It is a passion. a passion I never ever knew I had.  It is not a passing fancy or a fad, it is me.

I have learned not to be afraid and when I am, to face it.

I have learned  that asking for help can be the most empowering, freeing, beneficial, gift one can give themselves.

I have learned to take risk and do to thing just for the sake of doing them.

I have learned that I am worth the fight.  I always believed I was valuable and never thought I deserved any harm to come my way, but I never actively fought for it.

Now, I do.

Everyday, in all kinds of ways, I fight for my life.  For it’s safety, but also for it’s joy.

That fight in me, for me, is the absolute most valuable thing I have learned.

4 thoughts on “Whatcha Wanna Know Wednesday

  1. I think I have learned more self awareness. I have never been what one would call gracefull, but now I have to be very aware of my body position. For two reasons I feel that my “body position awareness” is so important. 1) so that I dont print 2) so that I dont endanger the Kids! I have also learned to takemy time, don’t rush and think through what I trying to accomplish – whether it it is loading the kids in the car ( while carrying this is a challenge) or just a seemingly simple run to the grocery store. I nowake a plan and follow it

  2. Absolutely, yes, me too. I am much more aware of my body positions and those around me. I get annoyed
    when I let myself get lost and forget to look around and see who is in my view…lol

  3. I think in many ways that I have learned my own value. Back in my early 20’s I lived in a handgun unfriendly state (WI) and tried for a long time to learn about guns, rifles, shooting. I would constantly hear girls only need guns for self defense, not shooting or hunting or because they wanted one, but girls only needed guns for self defense. And then I was told, by many people, that I didn’t need a gun. Perhaps they didn’t think someone would want to hurt me? Maybe they didn’t think I was worth defending?
    I’ve also learned that I don’t have to be sweet and nice. If I’m walking along and someone I don’t know says something to me, I don’t have to stop and talk to them. I don’t have to provide the time, directions, answer their questions, nope. Most of the time I still do, but when I choose not to it’s oddly liberating.

  4. Enjay, Thank you for sharing that. I never ever thought NOT to talk to someone if they approached me until my Conceal Carry class. When the instructor said, to put my hand out and say no or back, I thought, “isn’t that rude?” Then I thought how different my experience in the grocery store parking lot might have been had, I done just that. Good for you for being so smart and such a good example to the rest of us!!

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